The Ortofon cartridge, a long-standing tradition

Danish company Ortofon, founded in 1918 as the Electrical Phono Film Company, initially developed sound film systems. Their first moving coil cartridge was created in 1945 and took the global cartridge market by storm in 1959 with the Ortofon SPU GT cartridge.

The Ortofon cartridge: a benchmark product

The company is currently the global leader on the Hi Fi cartridge market. Innovation is at the core of each new Ortofon cartridge model. The company designs its Hi-Fi cartridges with utmost care for best quality. The elliptical stylus design has been developed to perfection, leading to the Fine Line. It tracks the groove as accurately as possible and offers the greatest surface possible to achieve a high sound quality and generate minimum wear. With this design, audiophiles keep their vinyl records a lot longer. Opting for an Ortofon cartridge guarantees a level of quality resulting from many years of expertise and research in cutting-edge technology.

A high-quality Ortofon product range

Danish designer Moller Jensen, who created the Kontrapunkt series for Ortofon, developed a new line that is one of our flagship products: the 2M series. The main characteristics of this high-performance Ortofon moving magnet cartridge include an elliptical stylus and armatures made of a high resistance plastic and glass combination that minimise resonance. offers Ortofon's 2M Blue, 2M Red, 2M Bronze cartridges and, naturally, the ultimate in the range, the amazing 2M Black cartridge. It delivers outstanding quality at a competitive price. The company didn't leave it at that and developed the high end Ortofon cartridge, in an attempt to draw music lovers: the SPU Synergy GM, an outstanding product for its purity, vintage design and sound quality. Though it is a high end Ortofon cartridge, it deserves a place of honour in your home. Those of you who may have their sights on this Ortofon cartridge but can't afford it can opt for the SPU Classic GM cartridge, which retains the main features that have made the series popular.