The turntable cartridge, an essential part -

Though many customers focus on the choice of turntable, the cartridge should not be neglected. This very small part of the turntable is in fact essential for its operation.


The cartridge: a key part of your turntable

The sound quality of a record is directly related to the quality of the cartridge and turntable. The turntable cartridge converts the record's grooves into an electrical signal before it comes out through the phono preamp of your Hi-Fi system. That's why it is an essential element that requires special care according to several criteria to obtain the best sound quality. offers a wide array of turntable cartridges, sorted by price range, brand and model. According to your requirements and needs, you'll easily find your ideal turntable cartridge. Just as if you were in a Hi-Fi shop, browse our selection of Hi-Fi cartridges and compare their technical specifications in just a few clicks. Thanks to our wide selection of products, we have turntable cartridges to suit every budget range and turntable type. For details and availability of our cartridges in stock, just click on the models you're interested in.


Selecting the right turntable cartridge

Before choosing a turntable cartridge, you need to carefully consider a number of elements. First of all, it is important that the mounting style of your cartridge matches the specifications of your turntable and the tonearm design. There are three mounting styles: T4P, SME and 1/2. Then, you must select the cartridge model: moving coil or moving magnet. Finally, we recommend that you check the cartridge's frequency range. This will directly influence the range of sound reproduction. The frequency response depends on coil precision. Our pages dedicated to cartridges include all the purchase information you need.