Compare high-end turntables (for budgets of €1500)

Comparison: high-end turntables

Following on from our previous turntable comparisons, (entry-level, mid-range, high-end ˜ €1200), this new shopping guide will compare two high-end turntables: the recent Pro-Ject 6 Perspex and the Music Hall MMF 7.1.

This guide will help you compare the technical details, strengths, weaknesses and specific musical features of each of these record players. It also contains recommendations of the equipment we think best complements the capacities of your future turntable, as well as some customer reviews. We hope that it will help you narrow down your options and find your ideal turntable!


Comparative table of high-end turntables



Music Hall MMF 7.1

Music Hall mmf-7.1 turntable


The MMF 7.1 turntable is a flagship model by American brand Music Hall. Firstly, the combination of its dual plinth and decoupled motor, which dampens all pesky vibrations, immediately sets it apart from the competition. The precision and musicality of playback is remarkable, even within this price range, in large part thanks to the record clamp which comes included with this record player. With a stylish gloss finish, the Music Hall 7.1 has everything a great turntable should have, and we regard it as one the best choices you could make in this range. 

This record player is also upgradeable. For example, you could upgrade the phono cable with the highly effective and well-regarded Ortofon 6NX-TSW-1010 phono cable. To make the most of this upgrade potential, we also recommend replacing the cartridge with the Ortofon 2M Black cartridge. The MMF 7.1 is delivered as standard with a felt platter mat. We also recommend replacing this with a more effective platter mat made of a different material, such as the Leather It by Pro-Ject.


Customer review:

‘Discovering was such a happy surprise, and so was the great advice from the technician, who reassured me of the quality of my 4 turntable shortlist, one of which was the Music Hall MMF 7.1 I eventually decided on. I’m now rediscovering the joy of my 40-year-old records, which sound nothing like they did 25 years ago when I played them last on a Beogram 4002 turntable, which has now given up the ghost. Played through my Icos 580 Dedicace Hi-Fi system, it really is a treat. Gone is the old, noisy interference caused by friction - now there’s nothing but the music. You could almost be listening to a CD, what with the warmth and fullness of the sound. Amazing musicality, an excellent Hi-Fi turntable. Pure joy. Don't throw away your old records - they're treasures! ’



The Pro-Ject Perspex 6 Acryl DC

Pro-Ject 6-Perspex DC turntable


With its transparent acrylic coating, the 6 Perspex Acryl DC turntable makes a striking first impression. But it is above all a technological marvel, as well as being one of Austrian manufacturer Pro-Ject’s most award-winning products. These include, among others, the highly coveted ‘Best Product’ EISA Award, a ‘5 Stars’ from the renowned What Hi-Fi, and Hi-Fi News’ ‘Best European Turntable’. All of these reputable companies are in agreement about the merits of the remarkable sound quality, cutting edge technology and minimalist design of this distinctive turntable.

The 6 Perspex also has huge potential for upgrades. To get the most out of this turntable, we recommend the Ortofon 2M Black cartridge (MM), or the Quintet Black cartridge (MC), for even better results. But again, please do make sure that you have an MC phono preamplifier if you opt for an MC cartridge. Lastly, the output cables of this turntable can be significantly upgraded with a Connect It CC or SI phono cable


Customer review: 

‘After deliberating for a long time about other turntables (including the VPI), I decided to go with my initial gut instinct. Aesthetically it’s beautiful, I love the high quality perspex! Musically, it’s a real step-up from my old Debut Esprit! The bass is deeper and more real, and overall the sound is more 'reactive’. And it makes a great team with my 2M Black! Lastly, I’d like to thank Olivier and Franck who were really friendly and responsive and gave me some great advice (don't throw anything away!) and were always quick to call and let me know how my order was coming along. I'll definitely be coming back to them for more upgrades! ’


Each of these turntables has its own distinct features.  You should base your decision on your tastes and the changes you may wish to make to your Hi-Fi system in the future. We hope that this guide has been useful in finding the best turntable for you from our selection of record players in this range.


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