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Whatever your level of expertise in music, turntables are unique and irreplaceable. The unparalleled sound quality they deliver chiefly relies on the choice of cartridge. We offer a selection of leading cartridge brands that deliver the best sound quality.


Our wide selection of turntable cartridges

For each brand, we offer a selection of ranges at various prices, boasting diverse performance levels, always striving to provide top quality products. Our cartridges come with their stylus and are compatible with a large number of turntable models. To determine which type of cartridge you need, check the product details for each cartridge. Browse our wide selection of products on www.maplatine.com to quickly find the cartridge brand and type that meets all your requirements. Our product pages feature all the technical specifications to assist you in your choice. Before you purchase your cartridge from www.maplatine.com, you need to carefully examine its specifications, including stylus shape, mounting style, frequency range and weight. If you need help, send an e-mail to our team of experts.

Each cartridge type has specific properties

You'll find various cartridge designs on our website, namely moving coil and moving magnet cartridges. The design of the stylus affects its sensitivity, and therefore, the sound quality of your records. You'll be able to determine what type of cartridge you need according to your equipment and output device. Other elements may differ depending on the cartridge models available. You can also opt for an elliptical or spherical stylus design, which affects sound precision. For Hi-Fi sound quality, an elliptical, hyper elliptical, Shibata or Replican stylus design is recommended. The way the cartridge is secured to the tonearm is another major criterion to be considered before a purchase. Depending on turntable and tornearm design, the mounting style will differ. Our offer naturally includes a range of 1/2" standard-mount cartridges, as well as T4P and SME mount cartridges. Note that each mounting style is specific to the turntable model.