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All the products you find on the website specialised in analogue solutions are of great quality. The shop is run by experts, true connoisseurs in the field of music and High-Fidelity. They were even able to enhance their skills abroad to provide the best advice and the best options possible. Driven by their passion and professionalism, the team presents you with collections of top quality equipment and accessories at an affordable price.

When buying a USB turntable, price won't be the only criterion that matters, quality also counts. And our shop is able to meet both these criteria.?? The best brands in terms of analogue solutions are on Thorens, Ortofon and Pro-Ject are among the most popular manufacturers on the online website. We can also name the Pro-Ject Debut Carbon manual turntable that you can choose in your favourite colour. Let your imagination do the work. Why not match your home interior with your new audio system? Original and groundbreaking. Who would have thought that such a piece of equipment would be one of your decorative items?


Purchase guides's purchase guide is there to help you pick your record player or any other product that you came to look for on our e-commerce website. Find the information directly in the right place. For example, for record players, remember to check the information available in the 'Your first record player' section. This is all the more recommended if you're buying this type of product for the first time. Don't miss our fact sheets for further invaluable information. E-mail your question if you can't find the answer you're looking for in this section. ??The expertise of the team will help you out. They have the skills to set up your record player or equipment upon request. You'll get customised advice. The customer service is available even if your issue does not involve the warranty. On the website you'll only find genuine brands. It is another guarantee of undeniable quality. Another advantage of purchasing from our platform is that you can trade-in your old system. Don't miss out on the best deals on