Cyrus One integrated amplifier

Integrated amplifier

2 x 100w

MM phono

aptX Bluetooth

Remote control

Made in UK

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Manufacturer : CYRUS

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The Cyrus One integrated amplifier is a High Fidelity legend just like the Rega BRIO R NEW integrated amplifier or Naim Audio NAIT! In the beginning of the 80’s they contributed to the reputation of the Anglo-Saxon High Fidelity.

30 years later, Cyrus released a new version of its best seller that is completely in line with the 21st century!

Cyrus One: box

The principle of the Cyrus One integrated amplifier offers a High Fidelity product that is simple, multipurpose, and robust. It is the same “shoe box” format as the Cyrus One of 1984.

The casing is covered in a pleasant black rubber material.

Cyrus One integrated amplifier

Cyrus One: front panel and back panel

The black finish front panel has two big rotating buttons. The one on the left is to select the source and the one on the right is to select the volume.

On the front panel, it is possible to connect Hi-Fi headphones of excellent quality. This 6.35mm jack output is powered by a type AB high power headphone amplifier.

On the back panel, there is a phono input and four high level inputs. There is also a By-Pass input and a compatible aptX Bluetooth connection.

The phono input is compatible with all MM cartridges. It automatically adapts with all MM cartridges and does not require any adjustments.

The loudspeakers outputs are of excellent quality and purposely doubled for an eventual bi-wiring with heavy gauge cables.

Cyrus One: features

The Cyrus One is equipped with a 3rd generation type D amplifier which offers a power of 2 x 100 W (in 6 Ω). This enables a large range of Hi-Fi speakers to function. This is made possible thanks to a large toroidal transformer.

The power supply was optimized to produce the less amount of noise possible and distortion. The different circuits are controlled by eleven different regulated power supplies!

The Cyrus One integrated amplifier is equipped with a “SID” circuit. This enables to control and adjust the amplifying section at diverse impedance variations of the speakers. This facilitates the control of the speakers and offers better dynamics.

Cyrus One integrated amplifier

Cyrus One: remote control

The Cyrus One integrated amplifier comes with a small remote control.

An infrared remote control makes it possible to adjust the volume and control the sources. It is also possible to modulate the brightness of the LED display.

Cyrus One: listening and review

The restitution is surprising by its definition and dynamics.

The manufacturer announces a power of 100 watts per channel which for us seems to be credible. There is nothing wrong in pushing to the maximum our Focal ARIA 926 tower speakers.

The lows are striking and articulate. The balance is excellent and does not show any increase in the treble.

The phono input is very convincing and has  seduced us by its balance and scope.

There are of course these qualities on the other inputs if we combine sources to the level of the Cyrus One.

The Bluetooth connection is just a little inferior but this is inherent to this technology.

The Cyrus One integrated amplifier is made for music lovers who want a simple, high quality integrated amplifier that provides a great musicality. Its excellent phono input and its aptX Bluetooth are real advantages against English competitors which are for this price range very “traditional”.

Our favorite product! Our top pick !


Hi-Fi Choice - Recommended

High-Fidelity - Best buy


Power: 2 x 100 w (6 Ω à 0,1% of distortion)

Input sensibility: (50W / 8Ω) line : 200mV

Frequency response: (-3 dB) 6 Hz> 50 kHz

Signal-to-noise ratio: 85 dBA

Amplification: Type D 3rd generation Cyrus

SID system: impedance variations of speakers

Phono preamplifier: MM

Line input: 3 x high level

By-Pass input: 1 x video

Digital input: aptX Bluetooth

Output: 1 x Pre-out

HP outputs: 2 x paires (Doubled for bi-wiring)

Headphone output: 1 x 6.35mm

Headphone amplifier: Type AB

Remote Control: IR

Micro USB jack : for firmware evolution

Maximum consumption: 750W

Dimensions: 85 x 220 x 390 mm

Weight: 5.72 kg

Finish: black texture/rubber and glossy front panel

Banc d'essai - Hi-Fi Choice

0.26 Mo - pdf



Haute Fidélité

Meilleur achat

Hi-Fi Choice

Customer reviews
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Customer reviews


Sobriété et efficacité

De retour au vinyles après de longues années de CD, j'ai décidé de changer mon matériel pour m'orienter vers le ''made in U.K''. Les précieux conseils d'Olivier ont confirmé la cohérence de mes choix : Platine Rega Planar 3 , enceintes colonnes Q acoustics 3050i , ampli Cyrus one et câbles enceintes Atlas Equator.
Matériel reçu parfaitement emballé et protégé sur palette en une semaine. Ma platine ne lésine pas sur les papiers bulles de toutes tailles !!!
Le Cyrus one ne renie pas ses ancêtres , simple à l'utilisation mais l'essentiel est là ! Son look original avec ses 2 gros yeux ne laisse pas insensible. J'aime !
La petite télécommande ultra plate possède , en plus des réglages habituels, la possibilité de régler l'intensité des leds de l'ampli.
Niveau écoute il est tout simplement génial. Écoutant essentiellement du jazz , les instruments se détachent clairement dans la scène sonore. Même en tournant le bouton de volume il conserve cette qualité. Il n'est pas agressif dans les basses à condition de bien écarter les enceintes des murs (50 cm en ce qui me concerne pour les Q Acoutics 3050i). Pièce d'écoute de 25 m2 sous toiture faîtage de toit 3.80 m.
On peut dire qu'il est sobre et surprenant d'efficacité quant à sa capacité à resituer la scène sonore. N'est-ce pas la vocation première d'un amplificateur digne de ce nom ?
Merci à l'équipe de ma platine.

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Cyrus One integrated amplifier

Cyrus One integrated amplifier

Integrated amplifier

2 x 100w

MM phono

aptX Bluetooth

Remote control

Made in UK

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