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Since the beginning of 2020, we regularly receive new products from Hi-Fi manufacturers (Cambridge Audio, Vertere, Rega, Ortofon, Viard Audio…). And it is not because we are going into the summer and holidays that it is slowing down! Indeed, new products have recently arrived on our website, and they are available!



The Lehmann Audio Black Cube II phono preamplifier

It has been a while since Lehmann Audio has offered a new product in its famous Black Cube range… Well it is done in this year 2020, with the arrival of the Black Cube II phono preamplifier!

The Black Cube II takes all the element of its big brother, the Black Cube SE II, both outside and inside. The difference between these two phono preamplifiers? External power supply! The Black Cube II is the German manufacturer’s standard model, not the high-performance PWX power supply that comes as standard with the Black Cube SE II. The Lehmann Audio Black Cube II is similar to the Black Cube SE, but with more transparency, silence and dynamics.


Préamplificateur phono Lehmann Audio Black Cube II

This new Lehmann Audio Black Cube II phono preamplifier is a good option if your budget is limited and you cannot offer you the Black Cube SE II!



The Rega IO integrated amplifier

With its new integrated amplifier “IO”, the British brand makes accessible its well-known “Rega sound”. The Rega IO is similar to the Rega Brio integrated amplifier, but for a budget under 500€, which is very interesting regarding to the performance of its big brother. It offers most of thec features of integrated amplifier: several analogue inputs (with one MM phono input), a speaker output and a headphones output.


Amplificateur intégré Rega IO

Once it is powered on, we can say that these small integrated amplifier “sounds”! We find the typical Rega’s sound. Maybe less powerful than the Brio R, the Rega IO amplifier is perfect when associated to all Focal bookshelf speakers, or even tower models from Fyne Audio for example. A new great success for Rega!



It is always a pleasure to discover new products, so when they are qualitative, it is even better! New products to consider for your next Hi-Fi purchases 😉