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New accessories to take care of your vinyl records

Who says take care of your vinyl records, says clean them as well as the stylus of the phono cartridge. Good news, we have recently received new small cleaning accessories that allow you to take care of your favorite records and your stylus.



The Tonar Stylus Timer

Do you know that a stylus has a limited lifetime? Indeed, depending on the conditions of use (proper adjustment of the turntable, grooves of the record in good condition…) and the model of your phono cartridge, there will inevitably come a time when your stylus will begin to show signs of fatigue. However, it is always difficult to have an exact idea of the number of hours of listening done!

The brand Tonar offers a simple solution but efficient, the Stylus Timer. This small housing allows you to precisely know the using time of your stylus! In this way, it is possible to know that as you approach a certain number of listening hours, your stylus will probably start to get damaged and it may be time to replace the sylus, before it damages the grooves in the record. A small accessory, but very useful to take care of your records!

Tonar Stylus Timer


The kit for 7″ vinyl records for Pro-Ject record cleaning machine

If you were looking for the perfect product to clean efficiently your records, you maybe opted for a vacuum-cleaning machine by Pro-Ject. The problem we often meet is that there no other way the clean 7” records… And Pro-Ject solved it!

Its new kit for 7”records offers all the necessary elements to deeply clean singles and EPs of your record collection. Indeed, you can find a vacuum arm and a record clamp with the right dimensions, with the extra bonus of a small bottle of Wash It cleaning solution.


Kit pour disques vinyles 7 pouces pour machines à laver les vinyles Pro-Ject

This 7” kit by Pro-Ject fits all Pro-Ject cleaning machines of the VC-S range: from the old models (VC-S, VC-S MKII) to the most recent ones like the VC-S2 ALU. In this way, you can benefit from all the advantages of this record cleaning machine on all your black records!


Thanks to these two small new cleaning accessories, you are now fully able to take care of your records! And at an affordable price, so it would be a shame not to enjoy it 🙂