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New products continue to arrive on! Indeed, we have the pleasure to welcome and introduce you a new brand, present on the analogue market for only a few years: New Horizon.



Few words about New Horizon…

New Horizon is a very young brand in High Fidelity since it was founded just 4 years ago, at the end of 2016. From Italy, the manufacturer desired to develop and create Made in Italy products, with the great quality we know!

New Horizon is a manufacturer dedicated in the design of Hi-Fi products, and so turntables. Despite its young age, New Horizon has already developed 6 models of turntables and about ten accessories that improve the performances of the products.



The New Horizon turntables

On, you can now find 4 New Horizon turntables, the 101, 121, 201 and 202 models. From the outside, they take up the trademark of the Italian manufacturer, an original design with a half-moon cut-out on the front of the baseboard. A trademark that takes effect!


The New Horizon 101 / 121 turntables

The New Horizon 101 and 121 turntables are the entry-level products of the range. However, the technical aspect has not been forgotten since they are very performing for this price range! The sound reproduction is dynamic, the timbres are realistic and the sound scene is amazing for a product of this range.

The New Horizon 121 turntable is an improved version of the 101, since it takes up all its features but with a heavier and thicker baseboard. To get started with vinyl, these New Horizon 101 and 121 are very nice option to the famous Austrian and British models!


Platine vinyle New Horizon 101

The New Horizon 201 turntable

The New Horizon 201 turntable completes the range of the manufacturer. We find again some of the characteristics of the previous models: MDF baseboard, 8.6″ arm, MM cartridge… But this one offers possibilities of upgrade in time since this turntable is delivered with two counterweights, allowing to switch to a higher range phono cables. You will also be able to change the phono cable that is not captive.

In terms of restitution, as for the 101 and 121 models, we are seduced by this “Made in Italy” turntable! The sound is dynamic, full of swing and very realistic. Well done!


Platine vinyle New Horizon 201

The New Horizon 202 turntable

Another New Horizon turntable available on, the 202 model. This one differs from the previous models, since it is designed following the dual plinth principle, decoupled by cones against vibrations. It allows for reducing mechanical noises and improves the restitution!

About the restitution of this New Horizon 202: very quiet and precise, always with a lot of swing, but with more stability and matter. For less than 1000€, you can have a superb record player with a musicality and performances worth the investment! A beautiful Italian manufacturing, as we are used to love!


Platine vinyle New Horizon 202

The New Horizon accessories

Apart from turntables, the brand New Horizon also developed a large number of audiophile products and accessories.


The New Horizon ALE power supply

To improve the performance of its turntables, New Horizon offers its ALE power supply, allowing you to select electronically the playback speeds (33, 45 and 75 rpm). By adding this power supply to the New Horizon turntables, the platter has an increased stability, and thus the restitution is improved.


Alimentation New Horizon ALE

The New Horizon upgrade accessories

New Horizon also offers various accessories, at cheap prices. In terms of listening, the Italian manufacturer has indeed developed a range of accessories such as a 45 rpm adapter to play your vinyl records of this format or a GD Clamp record clamp for a more precise and dynamic sound. To avoid static charges, you can also add the Al’Mat platter mat, composed of Alcantara and fineness rare enough to be highlighted!


Palet presseur New Horizon GD Clamp

New Horizon also designed smaller product to technically improve your turntable from this brand, with its GD Special Ball ceramic ball or the New Horizon GD Double Belt kit that allows you to place two belts (only on the GD2 and GD3 models).



The New Horizon manufacturer is certainly young compared to other brands anchored for many years now on the Hi-Fi market… However, when we see its quality turntables and the many accessories it offers, we can only predict a bright future. This manufacturer is one of our favorite!