Audioquest Black Beauty XLR interconnect cable

Balanced cable

Silver-plated XLR connectors

PSC+ copper

ZERO-Tech technology

Foamed-polyethylene insulation

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Manufacturer : AUDIOQUEST

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The Audioquest Black Beauty XLR interconnect cable is a high-end cable from the American manufacturer’s “Mythical” range. It’s the most affordable product from the range, but it already offers a very advanced technology.

This XLR balanced cable uses high-purity “Perfect-Surface Copper Plus” or PSC+ conductors. They have a surprisingly smooth and pure surface. An Audioquest proprietary metal processing technology protects the conductor’s surface at each manufacturing step.

This high-purity low-oxide copper is flexible and smooth. These characteristics allow it to provide very little distortion.

We can highlight the fact that Audioquest has been a pioneer in the use of superior quality copper and silver for over 35 years.

Electrical and magnetic strand-interaction in a conventional cable is the main source of distortion, as it usually produces a rather rough and blurry sound. Solid core conductors used by Audioquest overcome this problem. They play a key role in providing clean and distortion-free reproduction.
The Audioquest Black Beauty uses foamed-polyethylene insulation for its three conductors to achieve increased stabilisation of the geometry and improved clarity. It allows cable conductors to maintain stable connection and geometry on the cable’s entire length, thus ensuring stable impedance and further limiting distortion.

Moreover, because air absorbs next to no energy and polyethylene is low-loss and has a benign distortion profile, foamed-PE, with its high air content, causes much less adverse effects to reproduction than standard insulators.
The only way to avoid characteristic impedance issues between a cable and its attached source and load circuits is to prevent the cable from having this impedance. Audioquest ZERO-Tech technology succeeds by eliminating the electrostatic field between the cable’s high and low signal, enabling linear (consistent octave to octave) radio-frequency (RF) noise dissipation and prevent transient compression.


There’s also an NDS shield (Noise-Dissipation System) preventing a large amount of radio disturbance to reach the conductors.

The NDS carbon-filled alternate layers of metal and synthetic material “shield the shield”, by absorbing and reflecting most of this radio noise/energy before it reaches the layer connected to the mass.

Moreover, the shield is never used as a conductor in this configuration. There are 3 different conductors (0, signal + and signal -) and the screen.

Radio-frequency noise coming from cellphones, Wi-Fi and satellites is everywhere. Level 6 noise linear dissipation includes a carbon and graphene resistive mesh-network. RF drain wires (one per conductor) are 0.5% silver-plated which minimises drastically RF noise masking effects.

They ensure the proper and efficient dissipation of induced radio-frequency noise for clearer, more natural sound.


The Audioquest Black Beauty XLR interconnect cable is provided with Audioquest’s finest plugs. They feature a silver layer (not tumbled) directly over extreme-purity red copper to ensure uncompromised signal transfer. Inner conductors are not welded to avoid any distortion. They are crimped or “cold-welded” on purple copper connectors. Contact quality is superb, no matter the material used.


Connectors: Silver-plated XLR

Conductors: 3 x PSC+ copper

Screen: NDS

Connection: crimping

Insulation: polyethylene Air-Tube

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Audioquest Black Beauty XLR interconnect cable

Audioquest Black Beauty XLR interconnect cable

Balanced cable

Silver-plated XLR connectors

PSC+ copper

ZERO-Tech technology

Foamed-polyethylene insulation

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