Pro-Ject Signature 9 unipivot tonearm


9" unipivot tonearm.

Removable headshell.

Adjustable VTA ...

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Manufacturer : PRO-JECT

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This Pro-Ject unipivot tonearm comes fitted as standard on Signature turntables. It is available in three formats: 9, 10 and 12 inches.

It uses a cardan system with a needle bearing which significantly reduces friction. This tonearm does not allow for lateral rolling, unlike traditional unipivot models.

The ingenious counterweight balances phono cartridges between 5-25 g (excluding headshell). You can mount true heavy weight Hi-Fi cartridges depending on the headshell you use. (Up to 37 g with the Alu, 39 g with the Carbon and 41 g with the Wood) these two last models are optional. They all offer a different sound and enable tonearm effective weight adjustment. It also directly supports Ortofon SPU cartridges.

VTA is also very simple to adjust without using any tool. You can use a precise thumb wheel to make the assembly go up or down.

It also comes fitted with a hydraulic tonearm lifter. The cable is connected via a phono 5-pin Din. It is delivered in full, in a beautiful wooden shrine.

This tonearm boasts remarkable build quality and versatility. It is proof that Pro-Ject’s expertise does not end with record players!

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Principle: Unipivot

Tonearm: S-shaped

Tube: Aluminium

Length: 9 inches

Effective length: 230 mm

Effective weight: 17.2 g

Headshell: Signature Aluminium

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Pro-Ject Signature 9 unipivot tonearm

Pro-Ject Signature 9 unipivot tonearm

9" unipivot tonearm.

Removable headshell.

Adjustable VTA ...

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