Audioquest Type 9 speaker cables

Speaker cables

PSC+ copper

SureGrip 500 silver-plated banana plugs

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The Audioquest Type 9 speaker cable is the evolution of the famous Type 4 cable, first introduced in 1983! This speaker cable owes its success to its polypropylene insulation and solid-core conductors. The current version of the Type 4 was introduced in 1995 and has remained unchanged since.

The Type 9 speaker cable builds on the technology of the Type 4 but incorporates higher-quality conductors and advanced noise dissipation techniques.

The Type 9 is constructed with a Star-Quad geometry that preserves timing information, maintaining dynamics and clarity.

The Audioquest Type 9 is equipped with Silver-plated SureGrip 500 series banana plugs, which ensure excellent contact with very low resistance.


The conductors of the Type 9 are slightly larger than those in the previous Type 4 series and are spaced further apart, reducing interaction between adjacent conductors by 35%.

The conductors are made from PSC+ (Solid Perfect-Surface Copper+). They limit strand interaction, a major source of transient intermodulation distortion, which can be fatiguing to the ears. Perfect-Surface+ Copper is very pure, eliminating harshness and significantly increasing accuracy. The purity of the conductors minimizes distortion caused by grain boundaries, which exist in all metal conductors.

The conductors are covered with a partially conductive carbon-loaded polyethylene insulator. This complex material reduces radio frequency waste returned to the amplifier and absorbs numerous electromagnetic disturbances.


The Audioquest Type 9 speaker cable offers excellent definition and superior accuracy and spaciousness compared to the American manufacturer's Type 4 cable.

The bass is also deeper and has very controlled impact. It remains very physical and dynamic. The midrange and high frequencies are generally smooth, with no aggressiveness or harshness.

We appreciated its relatively neutral and accurate tonal balance.

This Audioquest Type 9 speaker cable is an excellent choice for optimizing a Hi-Fi system that demands precision and neutrality.

Highly recommended!


Conductors: PSC + (Solid Perfect-Surface Copper +)

Geometry: Star-Quad

Insulation : Carbon-filled polyethylene

Connectors: SureGrip 500 silver-plated banana plugs

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Audioquest Type 9 speaker cables

Audioquest Type 9 speaker cables

Speaker cables

PSC+ copper

SureGrip 500 silver-plated banana plugs

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