QED XT40i speaker cable by meter

Speaker cable

X-Tube technology

Cu OFC 4mm²

Made in UK

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Manufacturer : QED

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The QED XT40i speaker cable replaces the British manufacturer's famous XT40. It has of course received a few improvements that enable it to offer increased performance.


The oxygen-free pure copper conductor used is the X-Tube technology from the manufacturer QED.

It is associated with the new innovative Air Gap dielectric. This consists of increasing the amount of air in the conductors inside the cable. This Air Gap dielectric offers therefore low loss and reduces the dissipation and capacity of the cable by half. This allows, among other things, to make the QED XT40i insensitive to large lengths and de-symmetrical lengths.

The conductors are braided around a deep tube. This ensures a very low inductance and has a constant and uniform charge in front of the amplifier.


As a result, the cable retains the smallest musical details and manages rhythms and tempos in the most natural and musically pleasing way. It surpasses rival designs that are much more expensive.

From the very first notes, we are surprised by the transparency and information provided by the QED XT40i cable.

At this price, it is surely hard to find a speaker cable that is so precise and yet offers so much matter. The dynamics are excellent and do not decrease, even with long lengths.

The treble is surprisingly clear and precise, without any accentuation or acidity. The bass is present without Loudness effect and, even with complex loads, it remains precise and articulated.

The QED XT40i offers realistic and well-balanced playback.

The qualities of this QED XT40i speaker cable and its versatility seem hard to match, particularly at this price... Recommended!


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Conductors: 99.999% deoxygenated copper (OFC)

Conductors diameter: 4 mm²

Profile: X-Tube Dielectric: Air Gap (Er =2.4)

Conducting pins: 6 x 14 mm²

Capacitance: 35 pF/m

Inductance: 0.57 uH/m

Resistance: 8 mΩ/m

Dissipation factor (at 10 kHz): 0.0295%

Sleeve: low-density polyethylene

Plating: 100% aluminium

Dimensions: 14 x 6 mm



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Parfait !

Je cherchais à remplacer mon câble premier prix Norstone par du câble de meilleure qualité. J'ai noté que le câble Qed a reçu trois prix de la presse spécialisé alors je me suis laissé tenter. Comme il est de grosse section, je lui ai ajouté fourches côté enceintes et fiches bananes côté amplificateur. Je remercie au passage Frank qui m'a indiqué comment procéder pour faire un montage très propre. Comme d'habitude l'envoi a été discret et soigné. Pour rajouter un mot sur le rendu sonore, il y a un gain important par rapport au Norstone entrée de gamme. Merci maplatine.com

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QED XT40i speaker cable by meter

QED XT40i speaker cable by meter

Speaker cable

X-Tube technology

Cu OFC 4mm²

Made in UK

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