Viard Audio Silver HD20 HP speaker cables

Speaker cable

VHQ copper

2 x 4mm² section

Sold by pair

Made in France

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Manufacturer : VIARD AUDIO

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The Viard Audio Silver HD20 HP speaker cables are designed for high-end audio systems offering very high performance.


For that, the French manufacturer Viard Audio used extra thin multifibre conductors made of Cu-VHQ copper. It is obtained by a proprietary process and is the subject of a patent application. It consists in recrystallizing high-purity copper by submitting it to a specific firing.

For ensuring perfect mechanical process and a vibration damping, this speaker cable is equipped with an aluminium sleeve perfectly manufactured.

The resulting fibres (4m²) are insulated with a very flexible silicone sleeve. They are mounted with professional gold-plated 24k banana plugs.

This Viard Audio Silver HD20 HP is characterized by low capacitance and high mechanical flexibility, despite its important section (20mm sleeve diameter).


This Viard Audio Premium Silver HD 20 HP offers remarkable and very high level performances. It is clearly designed to supply large Hi-Fi speakers via a beautiful amplifier.

When listening, we find the tonal balance of the manufacturer with a nice presence and a lot of matter. Compared to the lower ranges, this speaker cable offers formidable precision.

Moreover, the transparency is surprising, from bass to treble. The medium is surprisingly rich. The vocals, brass, and strings are very beautiful.

The overall restitution is neutral without aggressiveness.

The manufacture and the finish of these Viard Audio Silver HD20 HP speaker cables are to be mentioned as an example. "Made in France" as we like to see and listen to it!



Conductors: VHQ copper

Insulator: polyethylene

Section: 2 x 4mm²

Sleeve diameter: 20mm

Capacitance: 98pF

Resistance: 0.002 ohms/Km

Total inductance: 1uH/m

Sleeve: silicon

Connector: 24k/ gold-plated banana plugs

Customer reviews
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Customer reviews



Ces câbles sont impressionnant par leur anatomie, la qualité des matériaux et surtout pour l’équilibre et la justesse qu’il apporte à l’écoute. Pas perceptible au début, surtout quand vous possédez déjà de câbles de bonne facture, mais après quelques heures de rodage les viard se révèlent peu à peu. J’attends le cd de rodage de chez M Viard.
Je suis très satisfait de mon investissement même si le rodage est très long.
Ces câbles alimentent un couple denon pma et dcd 2500 avec des focals kanta 2.
Fabrication française de haute volée pour les enceintes et les câbles.
Encore une fois, Franck a frapper juste!!

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Viard Audio Silver HD20 HP speaker cables

Viard Audio Silver HD20 HP speaker cables

Speaker cable

VHQ copper

2 x 4mm² section

Sold by pair

Made in France

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