MoFi Geo Disc cartridge alignment disc

Cartridge alignment disc


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This MoFi Geo Disc cartridge alignment disc was designed for effective and accurate alignment of your phono cartridge on the tonearm of your vinyl turntable.

All you need to do is mount the cartridge to your headshell without fully clamping it. Then apply a tracking force of about 70% of the value recommended by the cartridge manufacturer.

Place the MoFi Geo Disc onto the turntable and align mark A-B with the bearing spindle of your tonearm. Once aligned, drive the cartridge into the headshell until the stylus perfectly fits inside the white circle with the tonearm down, in playback position.

You will also need to check that the housing of the phono cartridge is aligned with the x and y axes on grid C of the MoFi Geo Disc.

The stylus angle is adjusted by placing the hole along line D-E in relief. The stylus must be in alignment with this line. Otherwise, just slightly move the cartridge then clamp it to the headshell. 

The MoFi Geo-Disc allows for a very easy high precision adjustment of the cartridge. An excellent setup tool, would recommend!


Cartridge alignment disc

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Utiliser pour régler une cellule Grado sur un bras RB330 monter sur une vieille Thorens 166 Mk 2. Réglage de la cellule d’une simplicité déconcertante, il suffit de suivre les instructions et hop! Le tour est joué.

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MoFi Geo Disc cartridge alignment disc

MoFi Geo Disc cartridge alignment disc

Cartridge alignment disc


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