Furutech Monaco Record Clamp

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On the back of the success of its Monza record clamp, Furutech has now released the new and more affordable version of this bestseller, the Monaco

Furutech Monaco: technology

This record clamp uses its own piezoceramic transmission technology, combined with the mechanical properties of carbon fibre.

This unique combination of nanosized ceramic and powdered carbon fibre particles brings together two active materials, reducing and eliminating surface vibrations and static.

In short: mechanical pressure creates electricity, which forms a bridge between the electrical and mechanical oscillation. The carbon fibre powder has heat conductivity properties which interact with the ceramic particles. This energy is then converted into heat which is released through the surface of the Monaco record clamp.

This 'active’ design is, at least to our knowledge, completely unprecedented.

The Furutech Monaco record clamp doesn’t work through weight alone. In fact, it is relatively lightweight (210g), which means it can be used with 90% of record players on the market!

Furutech Monaco: listening and review

As you might expect, it delivers similar performances to its big brother, the Furutech Monza record clamp.

The dynamic range is more evenly spread across registers, transparency is excellent. The placement of each layer is significantly better and the sound stage is superb.

We were hard-pressed to find any flaws in this Furutech Monaco record clamp, only unrivalled high quality and versatility!

Highly recommended!


Principle: Piezoceramic transmission

Materials: Non-magnetic stainless steel, carbon fibre/ceramic

Height: 28 mm

Width: 45 mm

Weight: 210g

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Furutech Monaco Record Clamp

Furutech Monaco Record Clamp

Record clamp

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