Audioquest Golden Gate interconnect cable

Stereo audio interconnect cable

RCA termination

Length 1 m

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Manufacturer : AUDIOQUEST

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The Audioquest Golden Gate interconnect cable by the famous US manufacturer is one of the most affordable high-end interconnect cables in their catalogue. Despite the affordable price, it builds on the technology and expertise.

Audioquest Golden Gate (interconnect): features

The conductors are very high quality, they use a single strand perfect surface copper (PSC). They are welded onto the plugs without tin but with a cold welding process, via an electric current with a several thousand amperes!

The cable shape and the insulation are designed with a very specific expertise.

Audioquest Golden Gate (interconnect): listening and review

As always with Audioquest, the sound is detailed and very precise. The frequency response is wide, with a sleek treble and very tight bass. The timbre does justice to every register, delivering a perfectly balanced sonic performance.

The Audioquest Goldent Gate cable is ideal for preamplifiers such as Pro-Ject's Phono Box S, Thorens MM005, Cambridge 651P and Clearaudio's Nano Phono, as well as headphone amplifiers such as Pro-Ject's Headbox DS and Lehmann's Rhinlander, etc.


Conductor: PSC (high grade single strand copper)

Insulation: Polyethylene

Geometry: Asymmetry

Contact: cold welded

Connector: Gold-plated RCA

Length: 1 m

Customer reviews
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Customer reviews



Je ne connais pas d'autres cêbles, mais ceux marchent très, très bien avec le Phono Stage ICUBE.


Quel câble !!!

Voici un câble qui est vraiment incroyable , avec une excellente restitution des instruments, très bonne netteté, très dynamique quand il le faut et je ne regrette pas mon choix, couplé à un pré ampli Project Phono BoxS2 et une platine Project X1, il fait des merveilles. Que du bonheur ! Merci à toute l'équipe de Maplatine, qui sont de très bons conseils et qui savent très bien vous orienter dans les choix. Certes, le prix donne à réfléchir, mais franchement vous ne regretterai pas. Très bonne qualité de fabrication, Audioquest, une valeur sûre.

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Audioquest Golden Gate interconnect cable

Audioquest Golden Gate interconnect cable

Stereo audio interconnect cable

RCA termination

Length 1 m

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