Atlas Equator Achromatic interconnect cable

Interconnect cable

Achromatic RCA connectors

OFC copper conductors

Made in Scotland

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Manufacturer : ATLAS CABLE

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The Atlas Equator Achromatic interconnect cable is the second cable from the Scottish manufacturer’s range.


Like the manufacturer’s other models, the Equator Achromatic is equipped with new Achromatic RCA masking a rather complex technology. They allow to ensure constant impedance and low resistance. These RCA are completely non-magnetic. Their conductors are crimped and not welded like on most cables from the competition. The quality of these plugs is fantastic for an interconnect cable sold at this price.

The Atlas Equator Achromatic uses a conductor consisting of 80 99.9997% pure OFC copper strands. It is surrounded by a dual OFC copper protective screen providing maximum resistance against RFI (Radio Frequency Interference). Interference can increase noise level in a poorly shielded cable.

Polyethylene (PEF) is in charge of the Atlas Equator Achromatic interconnect cable insulation. This process can be found on audio cables more than twice the price.

Manufacture is free from all defects. All Atlas cables are handmade in Kilmarnock, Scotland.


The reproduction is very balanced and airy! We immediately notice a softer timbre than its competitors. But wait, it doesn’t mean that the Atlas Equator Achromatic is “dark”! Quite the contrary, it provides nice resolution and reasonable clarity.

The soundstage is a great success and is very plausible. This means that the soundstage is wide but not excessive like on some other more flattering products.

The frequency response is very wide and doesn’t show any limit in the spectrum ends.

The Atlas Equator Achromatic offers vibrant and dynamic playback, no matter what music style is reproduced. There’s also a stunningly accurate and high-quality mid-range.

The Equator Achromatic provides beautiful presence and organic character to vocals.

The Atlas Equator Achromatic interconnect cable is a really nice surprise and will delight music lovers.

A favourite!


Principle: interconnect cable

Architecture: coaxial

Screen: dual OFC

Insulation: PEF

Termination: Atlas Achromatic RCA

Conductor: OFC copper

Inductance: 0.40 µH/m

Capacitance: 53.27 pF/m

Resistance: 0.027 ohms/m

Impedance: 78/25 ohm at 1MHz

Diameter: 8.5mm

Customer reviews
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Customer reviews


Très bon câble

Ces câbles de modulation apportent une touche plus réaliste et plus naturelle au son de ma platine disque. Plus de clarté et de vivacité aussi. très bonne liaison pré ampli - ampli donc.


La base

Indispensable pour profiter d’un meilleur son/ regret de ne pas l’avoir fait plus tôt

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Atlas Equator Achromatic interconnect cable

Atlas Equator Achromatic interconnect cable

Interconnect cable

Achromatic RCA connectors

OFC copper conductors

Made in Scotland

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