Atlas Hyper DD Ultra interconnect cable

RCA interconnect cable

99.9999% pure OFC conductor

Made in Scotland

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Manufacturer : ATLAS CABLE

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The Atlas Hyper DD Ultra interconnect cable represents the Scottish manufacturer’s mid-range.


It is equipped with Ultra RCA plugs. These low-mass wide bandwidth connectors are seamless.

The conductors are crimped on the plug. This results in less discontinuity in the signal path and therefore less signal degradation as well as increased neutrality. They use PTFE (Teflon) sleeves having similar characteristics to the dielectric used on the conductors themselves. They are self-cleaning as well.

The very high-quality conductors used on the Hyper DD Ultra are manufactured with a solid core OCC (Ohno Continuous Casting) copper core with several surrounding high-purity OCC copper multi-strand conductors. The “speed” characteristic of analogue cables is primarily determined by the insulator’s dielectric performance.

Atlas has applied PEF (stabilised polyethylene foam) dielectric around conductors.


The “DD” configuration is based on a simplified version of techniques developed on high-end Atlas cables: the Mavros and the Asimi.

Two balanced drain wires (each attached to 180° segments of the plug) are inserted between a 100% OFC copper/Mylar foil and a shield.

This process connects the shield effectively to the cable return/plug interface. It allows the shield to become immune to mechanical stresses. The benefits are in maintaining a consistent low impedance load to the plug and a total 360° shielding against noise and signal loss caused by RFI (Radio Frequency Interference).


We personally think that an immediate result is expected when investing in an interconnect cable  from such a range. Its benefit must be heard immediately and you don’t have to rack your brain asking existential questions and waiting for a so-called “run-in” promising a so-called miracle...

Well, the Atlas Hyper DD Ultra interconnect cable is part of the cables which have an immediate effect on reproduction when connected. Of course, it must meet your expectations but you can’t say you don’t hear anything special!

From the first few measures, we are stunned by the level of details emerging from the whole audible spectrum. You can hear so much more… while most other competing cables seem to remove and conceal a large amount of information.

The timbre is very realistic, or even very neutral. Vocals have surprising presence and emotion. Dynamics and swing favour a very vibrant playback with remarkable subtlety.

We have the quite typical soundstage disseminated by Atlas cables. It’s wide and accurate, as well as perfectly centred between the Hi-Fi speakers. It shows no projection towards the public.

The Atlas Hyper DD Ultra interconnect cable is without question a success in every way. It achieves to be a lot more neutral and transparent than lower-end models, while preserving the brand’s signature presence and timbre quality.

A reference!


Diapason d’Or - Meilleur câble de sa catégorie

Hi-Fi World - Outstanding

Hi-Fi News - Outstanding Product


Principle: unbalanced coaxial

Connectors: Full ABS RCA plugs

Assembly: seamless, assembled by crimping

Conductors: OFC 6N deoxygenated copper

Type: multi-strand double conductors

Sheath: Polyethylene

Dielectric: PEF (stabilised polyethylene foam)

Shield: 94.2% OFC - 252 strands

Capacitance: 71.54 Pf/m

Inductance: 0.542 µH/m

Resistance: 0.0239 ohm/m

VOP: 0.682

Outer diameter: 9mm



Diapason d'or

Meilleur câble de sa catégorie

Hi-Fi News

Outstanding Product

Hi-Fi World

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Atlas Hyper DD Ultra interconnect cable

Atlas Hyper DD Ultra interconnect cable

RCA interconnect cable

99.9999% pure OFC conductor

Made in Scotland

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