Cardas Crosslink RCA interconnect cable

RCA interconnect cable

Made in USA

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Manufacturer : CARDAS

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The Cardas Crosslink interconnect cable is the basic model of the American manufacturer’s range and is fully produced in the United States, in the production unit of Bendon, in Oregon.


As always with Cardas, the conductors are made of Litz wire in pure copper with 68 different sizes.

The thinnest conductors are located in the center and the conductors’ cross section increases as we reach the perimeter of the Cardas Crosslink cable. This enables to reduce inductance and resonance.


The insulators are made of PPFE and the shielding is obtained thanks to copper and Mylar layers.

RCA connectors are GRCM type and XLRs are Neutrik.


The listening with this Cardas Crosslink highlights tone, presence and fullness. The voices are perfectly toned and beneficiate of a strong presence that enables emotions.

The dynamic is excellent. The transparency is appropriated and up to competitors’ products.

The soundstage is wide and demonstrative enough for an interconnect cable of this range.

This Cardas Crosslink RCA interconnect cable works wonder on sparsely clear and body deficient systems.

A great value!


Principle: interconnect cable

Outside diameter: 7.5 mm

Dielectric: Teflon® PFA

RCA capacitance: 36.9 pf/ft

XLR capacitance: 22.8 pf/ft

Connectors number: 68

Connector diameter: 2 x 0.8 mm

Conductor: pure copper Litz wire

Geometry: Golden Ratio, Constant Q, Crossfield

Shielding: copper and Mylar

Connectors: rhodium and silver plating

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Cardas Crosslink RCA interconnect cable

Cardas Crosslink RCA interconnect cable

RCA interconnect cable

Made in USA

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