Tellurium Q's Black Power cable

Power cable

Gold-plated Shuko/IEC connectors

Length 1.5 m

Made in the UK

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Manufacturer : TELLURIUM Q

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In the wake of the success of their loudspeaker cables, phono cables and interconnect cables, Tellurium Q hits the market with a range of power cables with this Black Power cable!

Tellurium Q Black Power: features

This power cable is entirely produced in England by Tellurium Q. The brand is reluctant to reveal much about their components. We can however guess that the cable section is about 3 x 2.5 mm² with an OFC copper shield.

The connectors are of excellent quality. They are terminated by 10 A gold-plated IEC and 16 A Shuko connectors.

Tellurium Q Black Power: listening and review

The Tellurium Q Black Power cable is recommended for power amplifiers, large integrated amplifiers and any energy-guzzling units. 

The sonic performance with Tellurium Q's Black Power cable truly departs from the Blue Power power cable. It has Tellurium Q's distinctive transparency and balance, yet with a warmer timbre than on the models from the range below.

The timbre is superb! It gives amazing presence and authenticity to the vocals and string sections. Also, the soundstage is wider and much deeper than with competitor cables. The bass has more impact and depth, but without any over-exaggeration. However, the sub-bass seems more vibrant and the playing seems more obvious…

The Tellurium Q Black Power cable is a benchmark in this price range! Would recommend!


High Fidelity - Best Product -2014

Hi-Fi World - 2012


Male connectors: Shuko EU 16 A

Female connectors: IEC 10 A

Shield: OFC copper

Length: 1.5 m

Sheath: damping

Banc d'essai - Hi-Fi World

0.53 Mo - pdf

Banc d'essai - Audio Video

0.26 Mo - pdf

Banc d'essai - AV Premium

0.59 Mo - pdf



Hi-Fi World


High Fidelity

Best Product - 2014
Customer reviews
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Customer reviews


magnifique !!!

Je viens d'acquérir ce cable secteur pour équiper l'alimentation de mon Pré-ampli Phono et je peux dire que c'est un élément INDISPENSABLE à acheter d'urgence .
Tout est plus beau , les timbres superbes , l'image stéréo holographique , et la musique est véritablement transcendée .
Certes , c'est une somme , mais je pense qu'il apporte une amélioration beaucoup plus notoire que le changement d'un appareil .
Un essai sur mon ampli à tubes ( ampli 300B de 2x8w ) en à fait un ampli de course ,
sans aucunes mesures avec le cordon secteur de base , ni avec un cable secteur de moyenne gamme , qui n'apporte que des améliorations subjectives certaines fois .

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Tellurium Q's Black Power cable

Tellurium Q's Black Power cable

Power cable

Gold-plated Shuko/IEC connectors

Length 1.5 m

Made in the UK

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