Absolue Cable Tim-Power 2 power strip

4 or 6 socket power strip

1 m cable

Made in France

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Manufacturer : ABSOLUE CABLE

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The audiophile sector strips from Absolue Cable are designed to provide constant and ideally distributed energy across the entire spectrum, while rejecting impurities and other electromagnetic pollution carried by domestic mains power.

This Absolue Tim-Power 2 power strip acts like a power filter or conditioner, yet preserves the liveliness and full range of frequencies to be reproduced. Residual power supply noises are reduced.

The treatment of electromagnetic interference helps reduce the noise threshold. The current is carried through three bars of 24-carat gold-plated pure copper, insulated with silk and silicone.

The power cable is made with the same conductors as the high-end cable from the 'Chenonceau but with all the Fontainebleau technologies' manufacturer.

The chassis is equipped with a ground decoupling system achieved by 4 adjustable spikes.

Musically, the Tim-Power 2 provides more soundstage, more silence, more presence, more stability, and energy. The Tim-Power 2 power strip caters to enthusiasts seeking an affordable power strip that outperforms the Tim-Power 1 by far.

The Tim-Power 2 power strip delivers clean, fast, and optimal signals to your devices. They express themselves with dynamics, accuracy, realism, and naturalness.

Highly recommended!


Conductor: multi-strand OFC copper, tinned

Cross-section: 1.5 mm2

Insulation: polyvinyl and flame-retardant antistatic nylon

Frame: aluminum

Cheekpiece: resin

Connectors: Shuko Furutech FI-E38

Mains cable: 1 m

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Absolue Cable Tim-Power 2 power strip

Absolue Cable Tim-Power 2 power strip

4 or 6 socket power strip

1 m cable

Made in France

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