InAkustik AC-3500P power conditioner

6 Shuko plugs

3 680 Watts

Made in Germany

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Manufacturer : INAKUSTIK

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The InAkustik AC-3500P network conditioner is built in a large and thick metal housing with a brushed aluminum front. It could be confused with a high-end Hi-Fi amplifier!


The front panel of this power filter is minimalist, it offers only a power switch.

An indicator, which indirectly lights the underside of the front panel, provides information about the operating status of the device.

A white light indicates standby mode and a blue light indicates the operation of the power outlets.


At the back of the device, there are six Shuko plugs of excellent quality, which are not without reminding the Furutech plugs in Rhodium. They can deliver a total of 3680 watts, i.e. 16 amps at 230 V.

In the center, there is the IEC C20 input socket. This format is specific and transfers the voltage, and especially high currents (20 amps).

The manufacturer InAkustik added a damped subchassis that reduces the mechanical vibrations of the filter components, often caused by, among others, the mains frequency of 50 Hz.


The InAkustik AC-3500 is equipped with a surge protection that protects devices from voltage peak.

The InAkustik AC-3500P power filter is designed to reliably remove all unwanted interferences from the mains network. It also removes interferences from the devices connected themselves on the network.

The AC-3500P offers a technical approach quite different from the competitors. It uses very efficient parallel filter, adapted to high-end audio system needs that does not limits current and so dynamics. InAkustik optimized the star shape distribution topology in order to ensure a uniform power supply in all sockets.

All electrical and electronic devices create line noise that harm clean and accurate restitution. It is particularly the case with switched-mode power supplies (SMPS), which generate strong distortions in the general power supply. These distortions are superimposed on the “sound” like patches of acoustic fog.


When unpacking, the InAkustik AC-3500P is already impressive by its production and its robust aspect. We have connected all our system on it (power amplifier, preamplifier, phono preamplifier, DAC and network player).

Despite the fact that the manufacturer recommends 100 hours of running-in, the improvements are clear and on all registers from the starting.

We notice a very far background noise. The restitution is really improved in terms of sharpness and transparency. A veil seems to have been removed over the entire spectrum.

The dynamic is also impressive! In general, this one seems behind the other conditioners we tested, but with the InAkustik AC-3500P, it is the contrary!

This InAkustik AC-3500P power conditioner is not a gadget or accessory, but a real audio element! It improves all systems and the results are worth the amount invested.

Highly recommended!


Front panel: brushed aluminium

Disconnection: multipolar

Housing: metal

Outputs: 6 Shuko plugs

Input plug: IEC C20

Overvoltage protection: yes

Power supply voltage: 100-250V CA / 50-60Hz

Operating current (max.): 16 A

Input power (max.): 3.680 W (230 VCA, 16 A)

Dimensions: 450 × 370 × 160 mm

Weight: 12.8 kg

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InAkustik AC-3500P power conditioner

InAkustik AC-3500P power conditioner

6 Shuko plugs

3 680 Watts

Made in Germany

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