Power Conditioner NuPrime Pure AC-4

Power conditioner

Protects from power surges

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Manufacturer : NUPRIME

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Power conditioners have been fashionable for several years. But most of them offered products are inefficient or unaffordable!

However, some manufacturers offer products that stand out from the crowd, and the NuPrime Pure AC-4 power conditioner is one of them.


It comes in the form of an elegant aluminium housing, with a slightly smaller dimension than an amplifier.

The front panel offers 3 digital screens: a red indicating the instantaneous consumption in watts of the plugs, and two green that respectively indicate the input voltage and the amperage. These displays can be deactivated thanks to a commuter on the back panel.


At the back of the Nuprime AC-4, we find four gold-plated Schuko sockets of high quality because they are FPX models from Furutech. They are not similar.

The two sockets on the left supply a current up to 10A and are mainly dedicated to amplifiers. These 10A sockets can supply a maximum peak current of 27A, thanks to a 5th order LC filter and inductors with 1.6 mm thick copper wire. The two sockets on the right supply 3A only. They are dedicated to sources and preamplifiers. These two sockets take advantage of a 7th order LC filtering.

In addition, the NuPrime Pure AC-4 is based on 7 high-power inductances allowing a maximum insulation capacity by a factor of 1 000! In addition, there is a trigger input and output that allows a device of the system that is also equipped with a trigger to activate the AC-4 as a controlled power strip. The trigger output also allows you to put in junction other devices. An on/off switch gives the choice to activate the trigger.

NuPrime has designed its circuit to ensure that AC noise is reduced by at least 20 dB. The Pure AC-4 reduces electromagnetic interferences and parasites of the current. The majority is generated by the different electrical and household appliances present in the sector.


The NuPrime Pure AC-4, by “cleaning” the current, clearly improves the precision and resolution. The harmonic richness is also hugely increased. We also find a wider and more precise sound stage.

Some distortions and aggression seem to have disappeared.

Note that the AC-4 protects the devices from power surges, thanks to the built-in circuit breaker that can be manually reset at the back.

To be honest, the Pure AC-4 power conditioner from NuPrime surpasses all the power conditioner in its price range. Unrivalled product.

Highly recommended!


Input: 100V ~ 240VAC (50 ~ 60Hz)

Circuit breaker: 15A

Output: 2 x 10A and 2 x 3A

Supplied direct current: 19A with an instantaneous current of 35A

Weight: 3.25 kg

Dimensions: 330 × 253 × 74 mm

Banc d'essai - Vumètre

0.07 Mo - pdf

Customer reviews
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Customer reviews


Indispensable !

J'avoue avoir été un peu sceptique avant de l'installer malgré tous les bons retours sur ce produit. Mais je peux dire que mes doutes ont été levés immédiatement après l'avoir installé ! Je ne me doutais pas que cela pouvait avoir une telle influence sur l'écoute. Attention cela ne change pas les caractéristiques fondamentales de votre ampli/enceintes/platine… Mais on peut dire sans hésitation que vous pourrez tirer le meilleur de votre installation avec ce conditionneur Nuprime. Sur l'écoute, cela a apporté de nombreux détails audibles, une meilleur spatialisation, et aussi je trouve le grave plus nets, pas plus puissant mais plus nuancé et articulé, ce qui donne l'impression d'une meilleur présence. Conclusion : si vous avez une belle installation, cette investissement est indispensable !

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Power Conditioner NuPrime Pure AC-4

Power Conditioner NuPrime Pure AC-4

Power conditioner

Protects from power surges

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