Wireworld MATRIX 2 power strip

Power strip
6 Schuko sockets
Without power cable

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Manufacturer : WIREWORLD

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The Wireworld Matrix 2 power strip provides power for up to 6 audio or video devices.

The housing is made of anodized aluminum. This provides excellent protection against radio waves and electromagnetic interference (RFI/EMI). The 6 gold-plated, double-grounded Schuko sockets enable the direction of connection to be reversed to phase the devices. Internal wiring is "star". Each socket is wired with its own cables to the primary power cable. Conductors are made of high-quality OFC copper. The Matrix 2 can be mounted in a rack, on a wall or in a cabinet.

The power cable (not supplied) is connected via an IEC 10A plug. It is of course possible, initially, to use a standard IEC cable. However, to optimize the performance of the Wireworld Matrix 2 power strip, we recommend a high-quality IEC power cable, but not necessarily an expensive one. We've had good results with the Wireworld Stratus 7 power cable, but also with the Gigawatt LC1-MK3 power cable.

The Wireworld Matrix 2 power strip is a simple, affordable solution for owners of high-quality audio or video systems. Especially for those who need an effective, inexpensive way to remove noise from the mains and distribute quality power to electronics.


Number of sockets: 6

Conductors: OFC copper

Contacts: high-quality gold-plated

Housing: aluminum

Wiring: star

Mounting: Rack-mountable

Rated voltage: 220-230 V / 50-60 Hz

Dimensions: 440 x 62 x 45 mm

Weight: 0.8 kg

Power cable not supplied

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Wireworld MATRIX 2 power strip

Wireworld MATRIX 2 power strip

Power strip
6 Schuko sockets
Without power cable

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