Vertere Phono-1 MKII phono preamplifier

MM/MC phono preamp

Adjustable gain

Adjustable load

Made in UK

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Manufacturer : VERTERE

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For some years now, the British manufacturer Vertere has been offering a very polyvalent phono preamplifier which allows the adjustment with the most MM cartridges and MC cartridges on the market: the Vertere Phono-1 MKII.


The Phono-1 MKII is based on an elegant aluminium housing. It is available with a matt black, natural or original orange front panel, the manufacturer's own finish. The front panel is equipped with a single power switch.

The back of the device is also very simple! There are 2 pairs of RCA sockets (input and output), an IEC mains plug and a ground switch that offers "Hard Ground", "Ground Lift" or "Soft Ground" connection options for the preamplifier and chassis. It minimizes any snore that may be introduced between the Phono-1 MKII and the amplifier.


The underside of the chassis is the most interesting part... Indeed, the Vertere Phono-1 offers a multitude of settings via switches to adapt it to the technical data of the cartridge.

The MC load is adjustable from 78 to 1450 Ohms with 14 steps. The gain can be fixed from 45.4 to 61.4 dB, with 12 steps. We can also adjust the capacity with 7 values from 0.22 to 1.02 uF.

In MM, the 47 Kohms load is associated to a capacity from 100 to 430 pF.

A perfect load adjustment is essential to maximize the performance of the phono cartridge, but we have to wonder if so many adjustments are justified?! Indeed, 30 % of low output MC cartridges have a load less than 100 ohms, 30 % are at 100 ohms and the others are above 400 ohms...


The printed circuits are gold-plated and of high-quality. The RIAA part and the power supply and transformer part are dissociated and separated by a wall that prevents radiation. This ensures that there is no undesired interference on the audio signal.

Vertere only uses high quality components and these are fixed by a special weld, providing constant and long term optimal performance.


Since the very first notes, the Vertere Phono-1 MKII offers surprising dynamics and detail resolution. The timbres are very natural and demonstrate a lot of elegance.

The Phono-1 MKII makes the music alive. It enables more the physical side of the music than the melodic one. The tempo is perfectly reproduced and the transient are very realistic.

We note a very bright and informative medium and high medium, without any added aggressiveness or hardness.

The sound scene is wide, with a beautiful musicians location.

The Vertere Phono-1 MKII phono preamplifier will delight music lovers who are looking for a phono preamplifier that offers great dynamics, good definition and a comfortable fit with phono cartridges, unrivalled in this price range.



What Hi-Fi ***** - 2019

Hi-Fi+ - 2017


Gains: from 45.4 to 61.4 dB (12 steps)

MM load: 47 Kohms

MC loads: from 78 to 1450 Ohms (14 steps)

MM capacitances: 100 pF and 430 pF

MC capacitances: from 0.22 to 1.02 uF (7 steps)

Frequency response: 20 Hz - 20 kHz (+/- 0.2 dB)

CD signal-to-noise ratio: < - 78 dB

Distortion: 0.03%

Inputs and outputs: RCA

Dimensions: 210 x 235 x 55 mm

Weight: 1.3 kg

Banc d'essai - What Hi-Fi

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Banc d'essai - Hi-Fi+

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What Hi-Fi ?

***** - 2019

Hi-Fi +

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Vertere Phono-1 MKII phono preamplifier

Vertere Phono-1 MKII phono preamplifier

MM/MC phono preamp

Adjustable gain

Adjustable load

Made in UK

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