Atoll PH 100 phono preamplifier

MM/MC phono preamplifier

Adjustable capacitance and resistance

Made in France

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Atoll has had a well deserved success for over 5 years with the P200 SE phono preamplifier and has decided to stop its manufacturing. Atoll is replacing the P200 SE Phono Preamplifier with a more ambitious product but still at an affordable price: the Atoll PH 100 phono preamplifier.

Atoll PH 100 phono preamplifier

Atoll PH 100: box

The Atoll PH 100 phono preamp is a box quite big, if not “giant” for a phono preamplifier of this range. The finishing touches are impeccable. The Atoll PH 100 phono preamplifier has an amazing brushed aluminium front panel of 4mm, available in silver or black finish.

In the center is the serigraphy of the brand as well as a LED indicating the power up.

The non magnetic aluminium case sits on 4 small feet made out of rubber.

Atoll PH 100: back panel and adjustments

On the back of the Atoll PH 100 phono preamplifier there is a set of RCA (IN/OUT) and IEC plug and two DIP switches (one per channel).

Atoll PH 100 phono preamplifier

These 4 switches enable the phono preamplifier to be set up with the phono cartridge used. The settings are basic and simple but essential. It will make it possible to combine this phono stage with the majority of MM and MC cartridges on the market.

Atoll PH 100: circuit

As always with Atoll, the circuit is superbly manufactured. It is a fully dual mono power supply!

Each channel is separately powered.

The output voltage is perfectly stable and filtered which makes it possible to obtain a high signal to noise ratio and zero compression dynamics.

The whole receives a cover which makes it possible to isolate the power supplies from the audio circuit.

The RIAA circuit is only confined to discrete components (8 transistors). Atoll does not use any integrated circuits or amplifiers as well as any condensers on the audio path.

Atoll PH 100: listening and review

From the opening bars, the Atoll PH 100 phono preamplifier has all the qualities that have made the brand successful: the transparency, neutrality, and dynamics. It sounds a little bit like the P200, however, with a significant improvement!

The bandwidth appears to be larger, especially the bass and dynamics, and better distributed all over the spectrum.

In addition, the preamplifier is completely silent. The results are better after 5 hours of power up.

For those who are passionate about tuning, the musicality has been largely improved with an Audioquest NRG-X3 power cable and a SSC Netpoint 100 isolation feet.

This Atoll PH 100 phono preamplifier is another success for the french manufacturer. It is a very affordable and efficient analogue product.

A remarkable value for money!


Haute-Fidélité - Best buy


Compatibility: MM and MC cartridges

Load capacitance: 100pF

Load resistance: 100ohms, 47kohms

MM/MC gain: 40, 46, 60 dB

Distortion: 0,05%

Input: 1 x set of RCA

Output: 1 x set of RCA

Power supply: IEC

Consumption: 80 mA

Dimensions: 320 x 220 x 65 mm

Weight: 2.5 kg

Banc d'essai - Haute-Fidélité

1.14 Mo - pdf



Haute Fidélité

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Customer reviews


Meilleur Achat

Je ne l'ai pas acheté mais il avait obtenu la récompense "meilleur achat" dans le magazine Haute Fidélité.



bonjour! bien reçu le produit, bien emballé comme de coutumes et à temps.
encore merci.!! petite question technique: avec ma platine prot-ject x2 monté d'une cellule ortofon m2 blue, quelles capacités et resistances dois-je afficher?
je vous d'avance. cordialement.

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Atoll PH 100 phono preamplifier

Atoll PH 100 phono preamplifier

MM/MC phono preamplifier

Adjustable capacitance and resistance

Made in France

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