Furutech Silver Arrows 2 phono cable

Alpha silver OCC conductors

Rhodium-plated OCC connectors

Made in Japan

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Manufacturer : FURUTECH

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Furutech builds each cable the same way. Optimized engineering solutions have been applied to high-end materials and processes, associated with meticulous manufacturing quality for the best result possible.

The modulation at the output of the phono cartridge is very low and easily polluted by the RFI and EMI waves. Each element in the signal transfer has to be perfectly designed to avoid distortions and pollution that damage the signal, and the music.


For this Silver Arrows 2, Furutech has chosen silver/OCC hybrid conductors. Their very low resistance and capacity allow the signal, even very low, of a MC cartridge to be kept without deterioration and loss.

Alpha proprietary processing avoids signal degradation from various electromagnetic or electrical disturbances.


The Furutech Silver Arrows 2 phono cable receives a triple shielding. It does not hide the micron information in the noise or breath.

The ground connection has been optimized and the cable clamp has been specially designed to improve the mechanical strength of the cable and also limit vibrations into it.


Like every Furutech cables, the Silver Arrows 2 is very transparent and has an outstanding sense of detail and precision.

However, the restitution is not as cold and surgical! You hear everything, but with a remarkable tone quality.

The sound scene is wide and very open. It seems larger and deeper than the Furutech AG-16 phono cable.

It goes very low continuously, with a lot of definition and articulation. The presence and realism of the mid-range are surprising.

The distance between the singer and the microphone is clearly visible. Room atmospheres and reverberations are much more obvious than with our reference cable.

This Furutech Silver Arrow 2 phono cable is designed for owners of "beautiful" turntables equipped with low output MC cartridges, and who desire a restitution without artifice.

A recommended reference!


Conductors: Alpha silver-pated OCC

Shielding: triple layered

Ground wire: external and four ways

Dielectric: nitrogen-injected polyethylene

Connectors: carbon finish and rhodium-plated stainless steel

Cable diameter: 10 mm

Total length: 1.2 m

- Silver Arrows 2 in RCA/RCA
- Silver Arrows 2 in DIN right-angled/RCA
- Silver Arrows 2 in DIN right/RCA

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Furutech Silver Arrows 2 phono cable

Furutech Silver Arrows 2 phono cable

Alpha silver OCC conductors

Rhodium-plated OCC connectors

Made in Japan

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