Transparent The Musiclink phono cable

Turntable phono cable

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The Transparent The Musiclink phono cable features the technology and conductors of the Musiclink Plus interconnect cable, except that it has been specifically designed to be used at the output of turntable tonearms.

Transparent The Musiclink Phono: features

It has a symmetrical design, meaning that it uses two conductors of the same construction for positive and negative signals alike. It has a dual floating shield which is made of an OFC copper braid and an aluminium foil shield.

As with all the Transparent's products, it features a 'Network' housing with damping and filtering properties, controlling and stabilising resistive, capacitive and induction effects of the conductors. It is more or less elaborate, efficient and impressive depending on the Musiclink quality level.

Transparent The Musiclink Phono: listening and review

The listening experience is vibrant with a wide and detailed frequency response. The bass is full-bodied and articulate with a lot of texture. The sound stage is wide and deep.

This cable boosts analogue systems that lack punch and expression.

The Transparent The Musiclink phono cable has great value for money!


Available lengths: 1 m, 1.5 m and 2 m

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Transparent The Musiclink phono cable

Transparent The Musiclink phono cable

Turntable phono cable

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