Clearaudio Performer V2 MM Cartridge

Next-generation 'V2' MM cartridge

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Manufacturer : CLEARAUDIO

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The Clearaudio Performer V2 cartridge is the first offering from the German brand’s newest range. It includes a number of technical step-ups compared to previous models.

Clearaudio Performer V2: features

A beautiful ebony housing was used to minimise mechanical resonance. According to Clearaudio, this sounds more natural than standard aluminium and resin housings.

A clever balance of the inductance, capacitance, load and sensitivity levels has dramatically reduced distortion and crosstalk, while increasing the output level and frequency response.

These results were achieved by changing the coils of the Performer V2 and adding super strong magnets.

Clearaudio Performer V2: stylus

The stylus has been shaped and surfaced precisely to obtain a perfect elliptical profile.

Clearaudio Performer V2: assembly and compatibility

It is easy to mount.

Its weight, tracking force and compliance make it compatible with most high-quality tonearms, especially Clearaudio models.

This Clearaudio Performer V2 MM cartridge would make a perfect upgrade for a Concept MM, for example.


Frequency response: 23Hz-20 KHz

Output: 3.6 mV

Channel separation: >26 dB

Channel balance: < 0.8 dB

Tracking ability: 80 Um

Tracking force: 1.8g-2.6g

Recommended tracking force: 2g Coil

impedance: 0.66 KOhms

Coil inductance: 0.40 H

Resistive load: 47 KOhms

Capacitive load: 100 Pf

Body: ebony

Cantilever: aluminium

Stylus: elliptical

Weight: 7.4g

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Clearaudio Performer V2 MM Cartridge

Clearaudio Performer V2 MM Cartridge

Next-generation 'V2' MM cartridge

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