Goldring 2400 Hi-Fi MM cartridge

MM moving magnet cartridge

VITAL stylus

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The 2000 series is Goldring's latest product and was marketed in 2009. 

Technically, the range builds on the 30-year expertise and technology developed for the 1000 series, with a few innovations, and above all, the will to achieve high performance levels on a tight budget.

It is available in 5 models with various stylus and generator qualities (magnets, coils, etc.). The Goldring 2400 MM cartridge is the second to last model in the range.

Goldring 2400: body and stylus

The Goldring 2400 is easily recognisable with its distinctive round design. It is easily secured to the headshell as the brass body has threaded inserts that are compatible with standard pitch screws.

The generator has been modified with respect to the 2300 model and still uses Cobalt/Samarium magnets.

The stylus has a very precise elliptical profile, the 'VITAL'. It is very similar to the shape of the original cut, enabling perfect groove tracking. It is mounted onto an aluminium cantilever.  

Goldring 2400: compatibility

Its weight (8.2 g), tracking force (1.8 g) and high compliance (20) make this Goldring 2400 compatible with most good quality tonearms.

Its high output level above 6.5 mV and impedance of 47 kOhms make it readily compatible with a good quality preamplifier that is not necessarily exorbitant. 

Goldring 2400: listening and review

As usual with Goldring, it comes in a beautifully prepared packaging.

Like most MM cartridges, it requires at least 50 hours of use before reaching a perfect tonal balance. After a break-in period, we are immediately surprised by the quality of the bottom spectrum.

The bass is both deep and well articulated. It also perfectly stays integrated to the rest of the spectrum, giving texture to the midbass, allowing for male vocals to be present, without the dark and thick side found on some cheap phono cartridges.

The Vital stylus makes very little surface noise and extracts music with ease and nuance.

Balance is successful and it is the perfect companion to some British turntable tonearms like Rega or Linn LP12.

The treble is clear and precise without any harshness or projection.

The Goldring 2400 cartridge is also perfectly apt with Jazz, Rock, Blues and orchestras.

The Goldring 2400 MM cartridge is a great multipurpose, vibrant and punchy cartridge that will be a perfect match with some turntable models that are a bit dull.

Highly recommended!


Frequency response: 20 Hz-20 kHz

Channel balance: 2 dB

Channel separation: >20 dB

Output: 6.5mV

Compliance: 20x

Stylus type: Vital

Stylus: GL2300/Styl

Magnets: Samarium/Cobalt

Load resistance: 47k

Load capacitance: 100-200 Pf

Internal inductance: 720 mH

Internal resistance: 550 Ohms

Tracking force: 1.5-2.0g

Recommended tracking force: 1.75g

Weight: 8.2g

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Goldring 2400 Hi-Fi MM cartridge

Goldring 2400 Hi-Fi MM cartridge

MM moving magnet cartridge

VITAL stylus

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