Rega Exact Cartridge


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Manufacturer : REGA

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Rega Exact : Manufacturing

As with all REGA cartridges, the Rgea EXACT cartridge is hand built using brand-specific coil winding techniques.

The body is cast in an industrial polymer that is harder than aluminium called POCAN.

Unlike other conventional cartridge models, no rubber seal is used.

Rega Exact : Stylus

The mounting tolerance between the moving magnet and pole pieces is only 0.25 mm against 0.7 mm for competitor products.

It has an elliptical stylus and a three-point assembly that can be used with compatible tonearms (RB 101, RB300, RB301…) for optimum stiffness.

Rega Exact : Listening and test review

The sound quality is amazing with an explosive sound stage and dynamics.

The tonal balance is superb with a lot of texture and details.

This cartridge is designed for the pleasure of listening to music! You get carried away and just want to listen to LP after LP.

If your ears are getting tired of your speakers, get a Rega Exact cartridge… We highly recommend it for REGA turntables and tonearms (P5, P7, P9 …).


MM Stereo cartridge

Output: 6.8/7.2 mV

Tracking force: 1.75 g

Stylus: Vital

Mount: standard three point fixing

Coils: high spec parallel wound

Colour: Yellow

Stylus replacement by standard exchange of the assembly.

Catalogue Rega

4.14 Mo - pdf

Customer reviews
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Customer reviews


Au top

En remplacement de ma cellule Rega elys.
Un bon en avant.
Pas de regrets, une nette amélioration du son et des silences.



Elle remplace l'elys2 d'origine sur ma planar 3. La différence est flagrante et beaucoup plus importante que prévue. L'écoute est plus silencieuse et détaillée, encore mieux timbrée et fluide. En prime, le changement de cellule ne demande pas une expertise folle. Très bon achat que je conseille (ici sur P3 avec alimentation neo psu 24V).


excellence anglaise !

Un réel plaisir à chaque écoute, voix, jazz, variété française, pop, rock, classique, tout est bon pour le prétexte d'une écoute hors norme ! A conseiller vivement pour atteindre une forme de plénitude à prix contenu. (configuration : P3-24 + TTPSU + PHONO MM + SUPPORT MURALREGA);

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Rega Exact Cartridge

Rega Exact Cartridge


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