Pro-Ject X1 turntable

Manual vinyl turntable

Carbon 8.6” tonearm

Electronic speed change

1.5 kg acrylic platter

MM cartridge

Made in EU

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Manufacturer : PRO-JECT

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The Pro-Ject X1 turntable is the entry-level model in the new "X" line from the Austrian manufacturer Pro-Ject. It replaces the 1-Xpression series which has been successful for about ten years!


Even if it is brand new product, we recognize all the DNA of the X series in this Pro-Ject X1. The general dimensions remain the same, even if the plinth is thicker and cut in heavier MDF, denser and stronger.

MDF costs 2 to 3 times more than standard particle board.

The lacquered finish is obtained by applying 8 coats of hand-polished paint.

The whole of the turntable is based on new stands composed of an aluminium/sorbothane sandwich. In addition, they are adjustable in height.


The drive of the Pro-Ject X1 is managed by a synchronous motor with a belt. This leads to a sub-platter associated with an acrylic platter. This platter is thicker and heavier than the previous versions.

The motor has a new suspension that offers a better isolation from vibrations for the tonearm and the chassis.

Speed control and speed change are electronically controlled with a new board. This one generates a powerful and very stable sinusoidal alternating current.


We find the Pro-Ject 8.6 CC Evo tonearm made of carbon, but in a new version. Even if you cannot see it from the outside, it is designed on the basis of an aluminium and carbon sandwich.

This new process, which had been set up on the RMP 3 Carbon turntable, allows a better damping and a more important effective mass (10g). This makes the tonearm less sensitive to the low compliances of some MC cartridges.

The counterweight has also been improved by the injection of a TPE damper. This tonearm offers a VTA and azimuth setting, in addition to the tracking force and the anti-skating.

This X1 turntable is equipped as standard with the new Pro-Ject Pick It S2 MM cartridge, designed in collaboration with Ortofon.


Note that all Pro-Ject turntables, even the entry level ones, are delivered with a “true” phono cable, unlike several competitive turntables.

The Connect It E is a low capacity phono cable, equipped with a shielding better than standard interconnect cables.

The signal of a MM cartridge, and even more of a MC cartridge, is of a very fragile nature.

“Low cost” RCA cables do not offer the best conditions possible to transmit a correct phono signal completely and without deterioration.


From the first notes, we are surprised the transparency and detail levels offered by this X1.

The restitution is clear, but we cannot say that it is surgical because it offers matter and a beautiful depth.

Its personality seems more neutral than colored, as for some of its competitors.

The tempo is well marked and offers an excellent “swing” on Jazz, Blues and Rock music. The timbres are rich and nice.

The Pro-Ject X1 knows not to overdo it. It is not the more exuberant one, but it is certainly one of the most realistic in this range. This characteristic allows it to be relatively versatile regarding to different kind of music.

The sound scene is coherent and perfectly places instruments, both in depth and width.

As you can see, this Pro-Ject X1 turntable is not equipped with fancy features. Its design is strictly manual and its biases are due to decision fully dedicated to sound restitution quality.

In addition, its finish and its “look” do not spoil anything and make it a desirable object. In the future, it also allows several upgrades: phono cartridge, phono cable...

A success with an excellent price/quality ratio. Recommended!


EISA - Best product - 2019/2020

Diapason d'Or - 2022


Speeds: 33 rpm, 45 rpm (electronic change), 78 rpm (manual change)

Drive: belt

Speed precision: 33: ± 0.30% 45: ± 0.25%

Wow and flutter: 33: ± 0.15% 45: ± 0.13%

Spindle bearing: stainless steel and brass

Platter diameter: 300 mm

Platter thickness: 20 mm

Platter weight: 1.5 kg

Tonearm: Carbon/Aluminium 8.6”

Effective mass: 10g

Tonearm effective length: 218.5 mm

Compatible tracking forces: 10 - 30mN

Cartridge: Pick It S2

Included accessories: co ver, Connect It E phono cable, felt platter mat

External power supply: 15 V DC/0.8A

Dimensions: 415 x 125 x 335mm

Weight: 7kg

Diapason d'or Pro-Ject X1

0.29 Mo - pdf



Diapason d'or



Best Product - 2019/2020
Customer reviews
(9 reviews)

Customer reviews


Perfect !

Super platine, outrepassant mes attentes. L'équipe de a été super réactive (suite à une erreur de ma part lors de la commande) et m'a remboursé très rapidement la différence. Les réglages de la platine sont top et les explications jointes sont claires. Seul bémol : la connectique fournie avec la platine n'est peut-être pas assez clairement notifiée dan le descriptif produit. Mais sinon, je recomande vraiment ce site et ce produit !


Super platine

Acquise pour remplacer ma très vieille platine Sony des années 80, cette platine est très réussie, élégante, sobre et restitue à merveille le son, avec beaucoup de détail tout en restant neutre.
J'ai ainsi retrouvé de la musicalité pour lire mes vinyles.
Merci à Franck pour ses conseils qui a judicieusement orienté mon choix, ainsi qu'a son équipe, j'ai particulièrement apprécié le service de préparation de la platine, qui arrivée à la maison était prête pour l'écoute.
Associée à un pré-ampli Pier Audio MM/MC 8, ampli Pier Audio MS-680 anniversary edition et enceintes Triangle Antal XS, cette platine ravive les vinyles !


Belle platine

J’ai acheté cette platine pour remplacer ma vieille Rega RP1.Et bien je suis enchanté de la qualité du produit ainsi que du service de, rapidité et produit prêt à l’emploi. Merci


Presque parfait

Bonjour, Belle et bonne platine mais qui m'a été livrée avec la visse de masse manquante ou perdue malgré une recherche attentive dans le colis, alors ce petit rien engendre une petite déception.

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Pro-Ject X1 turntable

Pro-Ject X1 turntable

Manual vinyl turntable

Carbon 8.6” tonearm

Electronic speed change

1.5 kg acrylic platter

MM cartridge

Made in EU

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