McIntosh MT-5 turntable

Manual turntable

With high output Sumiko Blue Point N°2 MC cartridge

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Manufacturer : MC INTOSH

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Building on the success of the MT-10 turntable, Mc Intosh is back with a more affordable and smaller product: the Mc Intosh Turntable 5!

You won't be fooled by its origins… Could it be assembled in the USA, though its parts are made in Europe!

Mc Intosh MT-5: design

The MT-5 turntable uses all the brand's signature features, namely the LED-lit crystal front panel, the rotating controls and chrome unit!

It is complimented by an acrylic platter with green LED back-lighting. You will either love it or hate it... In any case, Mc Intoch welcomes you into its over half a century old exclusive realm!

In front panel, one selector enables you to choose between (33, 45 and 78 RPM) and the other operates the motor.

Mc Intosh MT-5: drive

The belt-driven system operates with a low friction DC engine controlled by a controller and an oscillator for minimised wow.

The platter and its ceramic bearing are relieved by magnetic repulsion (CMB).

Mc Intosh MT-5: tonearm and phono cartridge

The 9" tonearm has a duralumin tube and hybrid sapphire/ceramic bearings. The anti-skate weight acts on the tonearm magnetically.

The MT-5 turntable comes as standard with the great Sumiko Blue Point N°2 cartridge. It is a high output moving coil cartridge. It is perfectly compatible with all MM phono preamplifiers and phono inputs (47 kOhms).

Mc Intosh MT-5: accessories

An acrylic dust cover and record clamp are available as standard and without option.

For best results with this MT-5 vinyl turntable, we recommend adding a good quality phono cable.

Mc Intosh MT-5: listening and review

As far as I'm concerned, it's beautiful and perfectly consistent with the brand's product line.

The choice of Sumiko may strike you as odd, but the result is great and perfectly consistent. Reproduction is punchy, quick and precise.

The level of detail is particularly amazing. It draws the information from the groove with incredible ease. The timbre quality is also quite impressive.

I think that the qualities and capabilities could be improved by using a higher end phono cartridge. The tonearm can take on a high-end cartridge any time!

When you listen to this perfectly balanced system, you will let yourself be surrounded by the music, completely oblivious to the CD player and DAC!

A benchmark turntable!




Platter: Backlit acrylic

Spindle: Magnetic repulsion ceramic

Motor: Low friction DC

Speed: Electronically controlled 33, 45 and 78 RPM

Tonearm: 9" in duralumin, 228.6 mm

Tonearm bearing: Sapphire/ceramic

Counterweight: eccentric

Antiskating: magnetic

Playback precision: 0.04%

Cartridge: High output MC

Output: RCA Phono + ground termination

Accessory: Record clamp and dust cover
Dimensions: 444 x 178 x 482 mm
Weight: 14.3 kg



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McIntosh MT-5 turntable

McIntosh MT-5 turntable

Manual turntable

With high output Sumiko Blue Point N°2 MC cartridge

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