Mc Intosh MT-10 manual turntable

Belt-driven turntable

45/33/78 rpm speed

MC cartridge

Acrylic platter

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Manufacturer : MC INTOSH

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The Mc Intosh MT-10 turntable is the Mc Intosh's riposte to the return of analogue...

Mc Intosh MT-10: design

As with all the Mc Intosh products, this turntable proudly embodies the brand's standards (front panel, VU meter, button) and we love it!

The extremely solid acrylic platter makes for a great inertia as well as a full insulation from possible resonance.

Mc Intosh MT-10: tonearm and phono cartridge

The aluminium tonearm makes it possible to adjust azimuth, VTA and tracking force. The bearings have been assembled with extreme precision. The horizontal level is achieved through a ceramic ball and the vertical level, with a sapphire. 

The excellent MC cartridge available as standard is made by Clearaudio. It bears a strong resemblance to the Talisman from the German manufacturer, but was slightly modified to be a perfect match to the Mc Intosh MT-10.

The end result is genuinely coherent and uniform. 

Mc Intosh MT-10: listening and review

The listening quality of the MT-10 is on par with what you could expect from such a manufacturer.

We find a superb bass, a wide frequency response without gaps, a beautiful sound stage, an amazing dynamic range, great detail and precision!

The Mc Intosh MT-10 turntable is a unique object that also produces music, and what music! It is for aficionados of the brand and future fans alike.


Glossy black aluminium rigid turntable

Front panel: Glass

VU metre: Indicates the rotation speed (45 rpm, 33 rpm, 78 rpm)

Motor: Mounted rigidly on the turntable

Drive principle: Round silicon belt

Speed change between 33⅓, 45 RPM and 78 RPM: By rotary selector

Platter: Backlit acrylic, suspended by repelling magnets.

Tonearm: Made of a single piece of aluminium

Tonearm bearing: Horizontal bearing on sapphire and vertical with ceramic ball

Motor: 24 V Synchronous with separate power supply

Phono cables: Non-captive

Connection: RCA

Dimensions: 44.45x22.38x47.64 cm

Weight: 19 kg


Cartridge: MC

Body: Ebony

Output level of 0,5 mV

Load: 400 ohms

BP: 20 Hz-51 kHz

Tracking force: 2.4 g

Stylus: Elliptical

Cantilever: Aluminium

Compliance: 12

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Mc Intosh MT-10 manual turntable

Mc Intosh MT-10 manual turntable

Belt-driven turntable

45/33/78 rpm speed

MC cartridge

Acrylic platter

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