Pro-Ject Debut Carbon Esprit SB DC vinyl turntable.

Manual vinyl turntable with electronic speed control.

DC Power supply

Carbon tonearm


The bonus: All of our vinyl turntables are set up and tested before delivery!

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Manufacturer : PRO-JECT

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The constantly evolving Austrian manufacturer Pro-Ject has recently released a new version of its famous DEBUT turntable. Taking its basic inspiration from the new DEBUT CARBON ESPRIT vinyl turntable, it also has several new developments of its own, including an AC motor with a new suspension system that uses TPE-damped vibration isolation bushings. They reduce vibration and minimise rumble, thus improving the signal-to-noise ratio. The motor also features a new bearing with stainless steel spindle. The tonearm is still the 8.6” carbon fibre model, made from a single piece of carbon fibre weighing 6g! This significantly increases rigidity and provides much improved tonal neutrality and precision in comparison with the aluminium model. It is worth noting that the tonearm cables are not captive and so the standard cables can easily be replaced by higher quality models, such as Pro-Ject's Connect It range. The platter is a 300mm piece of acrylic. This material can be used without a conventional felt platter mat, which stays stuck to the record more often than not. Unlike when using a steel platter, its low resonance frequency delivers a more neutral and less coloured sound quality.


BUT the Carbon Esprit’s major innovation is that it now features a built-in electronic speed controller, namely the “Speed Box S”. This lets you switch between 33⅓ and 45 RPM using two small buttons. However, if you want to play a 78 you still need to change the speed manually by moving the belt, and this should be done when the automatic speed is set to 45 RPM. Like the previous model, the Carbon Esprit SB comes fitted as standard with the Ortofon 2M Red elliptical cartridge. This can be used with the Ortofon 2M78 stylus if you’re looking to play 78 records.


The listening experience is very precise and well balanced. Noise levels are very low, letting the music and detail speak for itself. The sound stage is quite amazing for a turntable within this price range. The technical and technological solutions adopted by Pro-Ject have proven once again to be a success. Naturally, it can't compete with the performances of its higher end brothers and sisters, but it has to be said that this turntable can deliver impressively high quality sound reproduction for a product under €500 (that comes fitted with a cartridge)! Its user-friendliness also makes this Pro-Ject Debut Carbon Esprit SB the most highly evolved turntable in its price range.


An absolute must!



Hi-Fi Choice - Grouptest Winner



Hi-Fi Choice (GroupTest winner)

Haute Fidélité


Electronic speed change: 33 and 45 rpm

Manual speed change: 78 rpm

Drive principle: belt

Motor: Synchronous AC with DC power supply

Motor suspension: TPE

Platter: 300 mm acrylic

Bearing: Stainless steel

Wow & Flutter: +/- 0.1%

Drift: +/- 0.8%

Signal-to-noise ratio: - 68dB

Tonearm: 8.6”, 218.5 mm carbon fibre

Effective tonearm mass: 6.0 g

Tracking force: 10 - 30mN

Accessories: Phono cable, dust cover

MM cartridge: Ortofon 2M Red

For 78 rpm: 2M78 (Optional)

DC Power supply: outboard 15 V

Dimensions: 415 x 118 x 320 mm closed dust cover

Weight: 5.6 kg

Banc d'essai

1.21 Mo - pdf

Banc d'essai

3.65 Mo - pdf



Hi-Fi Choice

Grouptest Winner
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Customer reviews



Tout à déjà été dit alors je veux juste remercier l'équipe de maplatine et leurs souhaiter un très joyeux Noël !


platine vinyl blanc

très rapide merci a vous toute l' équipe ma platine
elle magnifique la platine blanc elle marche très bien
bravo a vous a bien tôt pour une autre commande



D abord bravo au site ma pour leur efficacité.Platine commandée samedi soir et reçu mardi midi.Entre temps j ai reçu 2 ou 3 mails et SMS pour m informer sur l'état de ma commande.A arrivé colis parfaitement emballé et platine pré assemblée montée en 5 minutes.Une entreprise française comme on aimerait en voire plus souvent...En ce qui concerne la platine look sobre et bien fini.Sonorité impeccable.platine très manuelle nécessitant de prendre son temps car beaucoup de manipulations avec une ergonomie d utilisation poussive ( manipulation du bras,changement de vitesse,arrêt du plateau...).Globalement excellent produit pour audiophile mais pas pour passer du son en soirée.Attention aux autres models de la gamme qui n ont pas le changement de vitesse du plateau...bonne galère.



Reçu ce jour. Vite monté et essayé sur le champ. Que du bonheur. Différence perceptible de qualité grâce au cable Connect IT. Je tiens aussi à remercier Frank et Olivier pour leurs précieux conseils et contacts. Mention spéciale pour l'emballage. Je recommande volontiers.

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Pro-Ject Debut Carbon Esprit SB DC vinyl turntable.

Pro-Ject Debut Carbon Esprit SB DC vinyl turntable.

Manual vinyl turntable with electronic speed control.

DC Power supply

Carbon tonearm


The bonus: All of our vinyl turntables are set up and tested before delivery!

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