Sumiko Songbird Lo low output MC cartridge

Low output MC cartridge

0.3 x 0.7 mil elliptical stylus

Aluminium cantilever

Made in Japan

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Manufacturer : SUMIKO

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The Sumiko Songbird Lo low output MC cartridge fits between the Sumiko Blue Point n°3 Lo cartridge and the Sumiko Starling cartridge. It’s part of the manufacturer’s “REFERENCE” range from which it uses numerous elements and technologies.

This low output version allows to gain in subtlety while maintaining the brand’s legendary timbre quality and softness.

The Sumiko cartridges are handcrafted in Yokohama, Japan; a city and region famous for its oysters.


The blue anodised aluminium chassis, associated with the armature’s stainless steel, gives a very precious aspect to the set. This open architecture reveals the belly of the “beast”!

The aluminium part is equipped with two threaded mounting holes allowing to insert two installation screws. We are pleased with this installation which has the advantage of being easier and providing better tightening torque than a nut. Connection to headshell’s cables is made via gold-plated pins.

Its high output level of 0.5 mV associated with its load impedance (between 100 and 500 ohms) makes it compatible with all MC phono preamplifiers on the market. The preamplifier just has to be worthy of this magnificent cartridge.

Its compliance, tracking force and weight make it compatible with 90% of all quality tonearms having an effective mass superior to 9 g.


The Sumiko Songbird Lo cartridge is equipped with an excellent elliptical stylus (0.3 x 0.7 mil) mounted on a treated aluminium cantilever. Coils are manufactured with high-purity enamelled copper wire.

Sumiko has used their research on these high-end models, and most especially on the chassis, the armature and the generator vibrations and resonance.


From the first few measures, and particularly when percussions come, we’re charmed by the Sumiko Songbird Lo’s dynamics.

The snare drum is powerful and the bass drum kicks with rigour and severity. The same characteristics are present on lower frequencies. The double bass sound is very demonstrative, detailed and powerful.

Vocals are present and very carnal. There are the warmth and substance specific to Sumiko cartridges. This provides a rather unusual realism to mid-range. There’s little surface noise, which allows excellent transparency and definition.

This phono cartridge also provides a remarkable soundstage with a very precise instrument placement.

The Sumiko Songbird Lo will bring happiness to dynamics and timbre enthusiasts. It also provides superior transparency and subtlety to the high output version. Its reproduction offers enhanced soul favouring musicality.

A favourite!


Principle: low output MC cartridge

Stylus: 0.3 x 0.7 Elliptical

Cantilever: aluminium

Coil: high-purity copper

Internal impedance: 28 ohms

Load impedance: > 100 ohms

Capacitance: 150 pF

Frequency response: 12 Hz - 40 kHz

Output level: 0.5 mV

Channel separation: 30 dB

Channel balance: < 1 dB

Compliance: 12x10-6 cm/dyne

Tracking force range: 1.8 g - 2.2 g

Recommended tracking force: 2 g

Cartridge total weight: 8.5 g

Customer reviews
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Customer reviews



Pour avoir déja possedé une "blackbird", la "Songbird" s'inscrit indéniablement dans la mëme famille sonore, tout y est, ouverture, définition, transparence, silence entre les notes, à condition que le reste "suive" (platine, pré phono). Un grand merci à Frank et Valentin pour leur compétence et leur accueil, de vrais passionnés, je recommande sans aucune réserve, un grand merci ! Christian. S.



Bien sûr ce n'est pas la Starling (trop chère pour moi et différence de prix exagérée ) mais on n'en est pas très loin....pour les percussions et les basses elle est vraiment excellente.
La Starling lui sera supérieure pour une partie des médium ds les symphonies. .mais pour le jazz, le blues, et la pop ....cette cellule est parfaite.
Ampli Accuphase e380, enceintes Tannoy Cabinet Prestige

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Sumiko Songbird Lo low output MC cartridge

Sumiko Songbird Lo low output MC cartridge

Low output MC cartridge

0.3 x 0.7 mil elliptical stylus

Aluminium cantilever

Made in Japan

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