Benz Micro MC Gold cartridge

Low output moving coil cartridge. MC preamp required

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Manufacturer : BENZ MICRO

439,00 €

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As the Swiss manufacturer's products are exclusively hand-built and therefore in small numbers, production for entry-level models had to be relocated to Japan. Benz applies very specific requirements in terms of tracking force, weight, impedance, output and compliance.  The design is true to the brand's values, using the best components to achieve the best results in terms of dynamics and timbre. The coils are made up of a high purity and very thin copper conductor and powerful neodymium magnets. The high quality elliptical stylus is combined with an aluminium cantilever.

Despite the highly competitive price, this is a Benz Micro moving coil cartridge all right! The brand's signature timbre quality is there, the instruments have a lot of texture. The sound is very natural and subtle with great dynamics. The music is vibrant, spontaneous and quite neutral. This MC cartridge will please music lovers more than those who like to split hairs over decibels. It prefers musicality to overdefinition… A true Micro Benz at a highly competitive price!  Highly recommended.


Output: 0.5 mV

Stylus: Micro-Ridge Elliptical .3x.7mil

Internal impedance: 20 Ohm

Load: superior to 200 Ohms

Weight: 5.7g

Compliance: 15cu

Tracking force: 1.7-2.0 g

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Benz Micro MC Gold cartridge

Benz Micro MC Gold cartridge

Low output moving coil cartridge. MC preamp required

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