Pro-Ject Pick It DS2 MC cartridge

MC cartridge

Nude Elliptical stylus

Silver coil

Made in Denmark

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Manufacturer : PRO-JECT

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The Holy Grail of the phono cartridge is, and always will be, the moving coil... And this for many reasons, with among others, the effective mass of the moving coil which is much lighter than on a MM cartridge. This gives a much more dynamic, detailed and nuanced restitution. Another strong point is that the MC cartridges offer very low impedance. That makes them little sensitive to external electromagnetic interferences.

Often, we hear that its low output level causes more distortion and that its signal-to-noise ratio is lower than the moving magnet. Yes, but today, the quality of the MC phono preamplifiers belies this argument.

As for many manufacturers, Pro-Ject is an important MC cartridge defender. To complete its offer, the Austrian manufacturer worked with the world leader of the cartridge, in order to manufacture a moving coil cartridge under its specification note: the Pick It DS2 MC.


This Pro-Ject Pick It DS2 MC cartridge is based the design of Ortofon’s Quintet cartridge.

The body is made of polyamide, a material having mechanicals properties. It was obtained by softly melting powder using a laser.

The four connectors are gold-plated. Threaded inserts offer fast and efficient mounting. The upper metal plate contacts the cartridge in 3 points, with the tonearm or headshell.

The stylus chosen is a Nude Elliptical mounted on an aluminium cantilever. It is associated to 4N pure copper coils.


Its low mass and its compliance allow it to be combined with tonearms of medium effective mass.

Its low internal impedance offers a MC phono preamplifier, offering loads less than 100 ohms. A gain 62 dB will be also essential to enjoy the potential of this MC cartridge.


The restitution is very dynamic and the transients are very quick and controlled. This Pro-Ject cartridge highlights a lot of details and mostly on the bass, where it demonstrates an excellent articulation.

Surface noises are very low and the signal-to-noise ratio is excellent. It enables neutrality and dynamic.

This Pro-Ject Pick It DS2 MC cartridge cannot hide its two DNAs (Austrian/Danish). Of course, it has its place with 9’’ or 10’’ tonearms of Pro-Ject’s turntables.

A good value! Recommended!


Stylus: Nude Elliptical

Cantilever: Aluminium

Stylus radius: 8 x 18 µm

Frequency response: 20 - 24.000 Hz

Output voltage: 0.5 mV

Channel separation: >25 dB at 1 kHz

Compliance: 14 µm / mN

Recommended tracking force: 2.2 g

Coil: 4N pure copper

Player angle: 20 °

Recommended load resistance: >20 Ω

Weight: 9 g

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Pro-Ject Pick It DS2 MC cartridge

Pro-Ject Pick It DS2 MC cartridge

MC cartridge

Nude Elliptical stylus

Silver coil

Made in Denmark

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