Goldring Ethos MC cartridge

Cellule MC Goldring Ethos +

Low output

MC cartridge

Vital Line Contact stylus

Made in UK

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Manufacturer : GOLDRING

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Goldring offers and manufactures MM and MC cartridges for a half century. The manufacturer has always been present on the European market, even during the “dark years” of the analogue. Its 1 000 series is still a reference today, although it has been proposed for more than 20 years! Goldring has also shown its know-how about low output moving coil cartridge. The Goldring Eroica LX or the Legacy remain references for music lovers today.


The British manufacturer offers this new high-end cartridge with very developed performance at an affordable price.

Visually, it is very similar to the Goldring Legacy. There is the same cast magnesium chassis, offering the perfect rigidity with a minimum of resonance and mechanical distortion.


The Goldring Ethos MC cartridge is equipped with a Vital Line Contact stylus.

This polyhedron profile has been chosen because it offers a very low mass and an optimized contact surface for the groove. It allows the extraction of a maximum of information without distortion in the high frequencies. It is assembled on an aluminium cantilever.


The generator is built over GOL-1 coils, manufactured by Goldring and equipped of a cross-shaped braided iron frame and a low resonance aluminum chassis.

Each generator is coiled with precision by a technician. The recommended tracking force of 1.75g, associated to a dynamic compliance of 15 mm / N, allows the cartridge to be combined with a huge range of tonearms.

The set up is pretty simple. The threaded inserts in the body facilitate the mounting and offer an excellent tightening torque.


The restitution is dynamic and extremely alive. The ends of the notes are precise and extend to the natural extinction of the notes. The Ethos offers a lot of fineness and nuance, on every kind of music.

It also offers an excellent fullness with an outstanding depth. The precision and the placement of the performers are outstanding too.

The Goldring Ethos is a MC cartridge precise and neutral. It enables details, fineness and sound recording. Some may prefer the romanticism or the coloration of some competing phono cartridges.

We recommend it with very few colored turntables lacking of neutrality and precision.

The Goldring Ethos is a remarkable MC cartridge, affordable regarding to its performances and excellent balance!


Principle: Low output MC

Stylus profile: Vital Line Contact

Cantilever: Aluminium alloy cantilever

Bandwidth: 10 Hz - 32 kHz

Frequency response +/- 2 dB: 35 Hz to 20 kHz

Channel balance: <1 dB at 1 kHz

Channel separation: >30 dB at 1 kHz

Sensitivity: 0,5 mV ± 1 dB at 1 kHz, 5 cm / s

Static compliance: 25 mm / N

Dynamic compliance: 15 mm / N

Vertical tracking angle: 20 °

Tracking force: 1.75 g

Load resistance: 100 Ω

Load capacity: 100 - 1000 pF

Internal inductance: 7.5 µH

Internal resistance: 4 Ω

Weight: 7.7 g

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 Goldring Ethos MC cartridge

Goldring Ethos MC cartridge

Low output

MC cartridge

Vital Line Contact stylus

Made in UK

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