Fyne Audio F501 tower speakers

2.5-way speakers

Coaxial speakers

Titanium tweeter

Bass reflex BassTrax

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Manufacturer : FYNE AUDIO

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The Fyne Audio F501 tower speaker has been developed for audiophile Hi-Fi uses in dual channel or multichannel. This tower speaker allows you to build very performing High Fidelity system at an affordable price.


The Hi-Fi speaker is based on a stand equipped with decoupling points. The high quality wood veneer gives these tower speakers a very high-end look.

The cabinetwork has been strengthened at critical points. Some of the walls are up to 25mm thick in some places.


Fyne Audio's F501 series is built around a coaxial bass/midrange (tweeter) speaker. This IsoFlare speaker is based on the wanting to reproduce a point source.

The F501 speaker is equipped with the 150 mm version having a compression coaxial tweeter with a 25mm Titanium dome. Its placement makes it work as partial horn loading.

It is relayed in the bass by a second 150mm Isoflare Multifibre speaker. This one is optimized for low frequencies. It is loaded in Bass/Reflex following Fyne Audio's BassTrax principle.

The tubular event opens firstly into a compartment at the bottom of the speaker and then through an opening on the underside. It is spread at 360° by a cone and then by means of multi-laminar events installed between the box and the base.

This solution improves 360° diffusion, while reducing coloring effects.


The connection to the amplifier is made via a good quality (double) terminal block that accepts bare wires or banana plugs. We recommend a simple wiring and replacing links by Tellurium Q Blue Jumper cable.

The set up of the Fyne Audio F501 remains quite simple. It will express itself best in a room of more than 20m².

Proximity to the wall is not a problem, because of the diffusion of the event.


We find a very physical bass but also strong with these Fyne Audio F501. Double basses and bass drums have a real presence and an appreciable matter.

The treble mid-range is superb for its coherence and linearity. It remains soft and present, while offering a magnificent opening and aeration.

We also appreciate a deep and wide sound scene, offering a superb relief on the orchestral masses or on the "live" songs.

The dynamics are also there, without sacrificing nuance and subtlety.

The Fyne Audio F501 tower speakers offer remarkable performance in terms of balance and spontaneity, which are difficult to compete at this price...

Recommended product!


What Hi-Fi - Best floorstanding speakers – 2018


Principle: 2.5-way Bass reflex

Recommended amplifier power: 35 - 150 W

Sensitivity: 90 dB

Nominal impedance: 8 Ohms

Frequency response (-6 dB): 36Hz to 34kHz

Treble: compression tweeter, 25 mm titanium dome

Mid-range: Multifibres Isoflare 150mm

Bass: Multifibres Isoflare 150mm

Cut-off frequency: 250 Hz and 1.7 kHz

Filter: low-pass 2nd order, high-pass 3rd order

Dimensions: 984 x 200 x 320mm

Weight: 19 kg per unit



What Hi-Fi ?

Best floorstanding speakers - 2018
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Fyne Audio F501 tower speakers

Fyne Audio F501 tower speakers

2.5-way speakers

Coaxial speakers

Titanium tweeter

Bass reflex BassTrax

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