Fyne Audio F300 bookshelf speakers

2-way speakers

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Manufacturer : FYNE AUDIO

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The Fyne Audio F300 bookshelf speaker has been developed for dual channel or multichannel uses. Despite its small size, it allows you to build a quality and real “Hi-Fi” system.


We find the multifibre speaker dear to the manufacturer Fyne Audio, and which is included on all the 300 series.

Here, it consists of a 125 mm bass mid-range loaded in Bass/Reflex. It is relayed in the high frequencies by a 25 mm polyester dome tweeter common to all the models of this range. This one is hidden in front of a grid.


The connection is made via a simple but good quality terminal block. It accepts bare wires or bananas.

A support is pre-mounted on the back panel of the F300 for wall mounting. This is a good intention, but since the port is at the back of the speaker, the balance of the restitution is greatly altered.

However, it does not matter for a Home Cinema use.


The Fyne Audio F300 speakers offer unrivalled clarity and detailed among this price range. Moreover, the bass quality is completely different compared to their size.

Unlike competing products that offers a bass without conviction, the F300 are able to process with efficiency, punch and articulation.

The Fyne Audio F300 bookshelf speakers are beautiful small Hi-Fi speakers with no competitors at this price!

Recommended product!


Principle: 2-way Bass reflex

Recommended amplifier power: 20 W

Sensitivity: 87 dB

Nominal impedance: 8 Ohms

Frequency response (-6 dB): 54Hz to 28kHz

Tweeter: 25mm polyester dome tweeter

Bass/Midrange: 125 mm multifibre

Cut-off frequency: 3.4 kHz

Filter: low-pass 2nd order, high-pass 3rd order

Dimensions: 250 x 156 x 211 mm

Weight: 3.7 kg per unit

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Fyne Audio F300 bookshelf speakers

Fyne Audio F300 bookshelf speakers

2-way speakers

Back Bass Reflex

Multifibre speakers

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