Focal Kanta N°1 bookshelf speakers

2-way bookshelf speakers

IAL beryllium tweeter

W membrane speaker

Made in France

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Manufacturer : FOCAL

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The Focal KANTA N°1 bookshelf speaker is positioned just below the famous Sopra 1 in the range. However, it includes most of the acoustic technologies developed for this latter.

But the most important and significant innovation is the use of a 100 % beryllium membrane tweeter associated with a Flax membrane mid-bass driver!


The Focal Kanta N°1 is in the form of an outstanding monitoring speaker.

Its case clearly shows 2 different parts: the baffle and the speaker. By the way, these 2 parts are proposed in two different finishes, except on the black version that remains solid.

This speaker is available in 8 different finishes, articulated on a satin gloss or walnut plated casing and colored front panels. These are made in a molded high-density polymer.

As always, the finish is impeccable and worthy of a magnificent top-of-the-range product made 100% in France, produced in the St Etienne factory!


The baffle presents a very common shape at Focal. This allows a perfect phasing of the speakers and a perfect diffraction control of the tweeter.

This new HDP material (High-Density Polymer) is 70% denser, 15% stiffer, and 25% more damping.

The plywood casing is stiffened via internal reinforcements. These were optimized in order to provide the maximum internal load without having to increase the size.

The 16 cm bass/midrange speaker is composed of the “Flax” membrane. This is made out of flax fibre sandwiched between two glass fibres. This technology was fully industrialized and mastered by Focal in St Etienne, France.

This membrane is combined with a TMD (Tuned Mass Damping) suspension and NIC (Neutral Inductance Circuit) motor like the ones found in the Focal Sopra 1 bookshelf speakers. It is the same for the last generation 27mm IAL 3 pure Beryllium inverted dome tweeter. The load is composed of a back bass reflex that uses PowerFlow technology.


There is only a mono wiring connection and we prefer this choice made by many high-end manufacturers today such as Wilson Audio, Magico…

Focal’s superb terminal is similar to the one of the Sopra range.


The Focal KANTA Nº1 speakers are dedicated to rooms from 15 to 25 m². Even with a very performing amplifier, we obtained unexpected results in a room of more than 45m².

The placement is pretty simple and does not require a complex set up.


We associated it with the Kanta N°1 stands advised by the manufacturer. However, we also had excellent results on 65 cm high supports of a generic brand.

From the opening bars, there is no doubt, it is a Focal speaker! We find all its DNA! The neutrality and musicality are here.

The precision and detail level bears no comparison with the lower range models. The mid-range is of remarkable presence and articulation. It does not show any distortion. The clarity is incredible, associated with a kind of softness and a surprising harmonic richness.

The tweeter is “magic” too! It perfectly integrated to the Flax cone! It does not give aggressiveness or hardness. In fact, the whole is both soft and really clear.

Special mention to the bass that is remarkably bluffing, like the Sopra 1! It is present, ample but without coloration or overweight.

The impacts of a bass drum or a double bass are reproduced with a surprising realism.

The overall balance of these Focal Kanta N°1 bookshelf speakers has seduced ans totally conquered us. The timbre quality and the overall softness contribute to the musicality of this Hi-Fi speaker which is remarkable on all levels.

Furthermore, these Kanta N°1 are beautiful, which does not spoil anything! A very great value!

Highly recommended!


Principle: 2-way speakers

Load: bass-reflex

Event: back

Finish: Bi-Ton

Bass/midrange speakers: 16.5 cm

Flax cone and NIC motor

Tweeter: 27mm IAL3 Beryllium inverted dome tweeter

Frequency response: 46 Hz to 40 kHz (+- 3 dB)

Response at -6 dB: 42 Hz

Crossover frequency: 2.4 kHz

Sensitivity: 88 dB at 1 kHz

Nominal impedance: 8 Ohms

Minimum impedance: 3.9 ohms

Recommended power: 25-150 W

Dimensions: 610 x 365 x 510 mm

Weight: 15 kg per unit

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Focal Kanta N°1 bookshelf speakers

Focal Kanta N°1 bookshelf speakers

2-way bookshelf speakers

IAL beryllium tweeter

W membrane speaker

Made in France

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