Focal Clear MG Hi-Fi headphones

Open-back circum-aural headphones

40 mm magnesium drivers

Microfibre earpads

Made in France

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Manufacturer : FOCAL

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The Focal Clear MG Hi-Fi headphones combine remarkable design with unique Chestnut and Mixed-Metals finish, and outstanding sound performance.

Produced in France, these tops of the range headphones include exclusive Focal technologies (magnesium drivers) ensuring excellent dynamics and increased sound precision.


The Focal Clear MG features the last generation of Focal full-range drivers. They were designed to operate in an open volume, ensuring exceptional dynamics, as well as accurate and low colouration sound reproduction.

The Focal Clear MG’s drivers are a powerhouse of innovations. The copper coil is frameless and the surround provides limited weight.

The 40 mm membrane is an “M”-shaped inverted dome. It’s made of pure magnesium in Focal’s factory of Saint-Étienne! This worldwide exclusive was patented by the brand.


The solid aluminium headband of the Focal Clear MG perfectly moulds to the head while providing excellent grip. The 20 mm thick earpads are made of perforated microfibre. The headband is made of leather and microfibre.

The materials used; leather, solid aluminium and microfibre, are all of very high quality.


The Focal Clear MG’s earcups have undergone specific acoustic treatment to restrict resonance and colouration to achieve uncompromising audio quality.

Inside, the “M”-shaped grille follows the curves of the driver to ensure greater high-frequency reproduction. The outside of the earcup features a honeycomb grille to provide maximum openness.


The Focal Clear MG is provided with a 1.20 m 24 AWG OFC high-purity copper cable completely detachable. A 3 m cable with XLR4 connector is supplied to enable connection with the best headphone amplifiers on the market.

Regarding the earcups, one end is connected via two 3.5 mm mono jacks. On the other end, Focal chose a 3.5 mm stereo jack, but they provided a 6.35 mm stereo adapter as well.

The set is delivered inside a beautiful solid carrying case of excellent quality perfectly protecting the headphones.


Like all headphones or Hi-Fi speakers, musicality depends on the source quality and the medium used.

Moreover, these Hi-Fi headphones require a period of run-in before they can offer their full performance. This run-in happens naturally after several hours of listening. If you wish to speed up the process, we recommend you play music with lots of low frequencies for at least 24 hours at relatively high volume.

The Focal Clear MG is pretty easy to operate with its 50-ohms impedance. Even with a music player, it achieves excellent sound level.

Bass is deep and powerful but very nuanced and articulated as well. The sound is accurate and clear across the entire spectrum with a wide and very spacious reproduction. The open-back headphone type is paying off in terms of soundstage and spatialisation. The listener is quickly immersed in music without effort.

The timbres are remarkably precise and feature an outstanding harmonic richness. The balance is a true success and no aggressiveness is present in mid-range or treble.

Dynamics are stunning across the entire spectrum. On complex works requiring perfect transients, the Focal Clear MG headphones do not waver and easily achieves the task.

Like most acoustic products from Focal, the Clear MG doesn’t want to charm the listener. It’s quite the opposite; its neutrality is one of its assets. Of course, this means that it depends on the source: the more effective the source is, the more musicality comes out from the Focal Clear MG!

The Focal Clear MG Hi-Fi headphones are one of the best audiophile headphones we had the privilege to listen to. At this price, it’s a bargain!

A favourite!


What Hi-Fi ***** - 2021

EISA Award - Best Product - 2021/2022


Type: Open-back circum-aural headphones

Impedance: 55 ohms

Sensitivity: 104 dB

Distortion: 0.25%/100dB SPL

Frequency response: 5Hz - 28Hz

Driver: 40 mm magnesium “M”-shaped

Weight: 450 g

Cable: 1.2 m 24 AWG OFC and a 3 m cable with XLR4 connection.

Earpads: Semi-aniline leather

Headband: Microfibre leather

Yoke: aluminium

Earcups: Leather + stainless steel

Connection: 3.5 mm jack, 6.35 mm adapter

Banc d'essai - What Hi-Fi

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Best Product - 2021/2022

What Hi-Fi ?

***** - 2021
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Focal Clear MG Hi-Fi headphones

Focal Clear MG Hi-Fi headphones

Open-back circum-aural headphones

40 mm magnesium drivers

Microfibre earpads

Made in France

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