Lehmann Audio Linear II headphone amplifier

Headphone amplifier 

2 x 6.35mm Jack output

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Manufacturer : LEHMANN AUDIO

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This great Lehmann Audio Linear headphone amplifier series II is the evolution of the famous Linear. It has undergone several modifications and mainly on the quality of the components, and in particular chemical capacitors and the polypropylenes of connection. it is now one of the most popular products among audiophiles, recording studio engineers and mastering engineers worldwide.

Also it is recommended and used by leading brands such as Ortofon, Sennheiser, Van Den Hull …

Lehmann Audio Linear II: features

Like Lehmann Audio’s other products, it features state-of-the-art components: MKT capacitors, military grade resistors, an ALPS 27 mm potentiometer, gold-plated jack and RCA connectors.

Note that this headphone amp has a generous power supply unit based on a 30 vA transformer, two high power capacitances and a regulation circuit.

Lehmann Audio Linear II: box

All the parts fit in a non-magnetic metal housing with a beautiful brushed aluminium front panel with a natural or black finish.

The button is milled in the same alloy, giving it a luxury appearance and making it pleasant to handle.

It has two pairs of RCA cables, one input and one output.

Lehmann Audio Linear: use

If you plug your headphones into the left front panel output, the RCA output will become inactive, whereas if you plug your headphones into the right output, the RCA output will be active.

Both outputs have a parallel power supply with a power stage with discrete components polarised in pure class A. If you use two headphones simultaneously, we recommend that they have the same impedance.

The gain is also adjustable by 0 dB, 10 dB and 20 dB via four micro switches accessible underneath the unit. 

Lehmann Audio Linear II: listening and review

This Lehmann Audio Linear is definitely up there with the stars! 

It is a gem in terms of definition, transparency and dynamics. The listening experience with these parameters is very close to the sound quality delivered by very high-end active monitoring systems.

The sound quality is very subtle and well articulated, the timbre is full-bodied and rich and the sound stage is clear and precise and very close to the listener. 

It can be considered as a true high-end audiophile product and deserves the best headphones on the market, irrespective of the price.

We paired it with our Grado PS 1000e and our Focal utopia and it always did the job nicely!

Undeniably, because of its neutrality and transparency, it needs a good-quality source. Even for twice the price, it is unrivalled to date.

The Lehmann Audio Linear II headphone amplifier is an amazing product that we have adopted and that is now one of our top picks! 



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Input impedance: 47 KOhms

Jumper-adjustable gain: 0 dB/10 dB/20 dB

Frequency response: 10 Hz at 35 kHz

Signal-to-noise ratio: > 95 dB with gain at 0 dB

Distortion: 0.001% at 6mV/300 Ohms

Output: 200 mV at 300 Ohms/400 mV at 60 Ohms

Headphone output impedance: 5 Ohms

Line output impedance: 50 Ohms

Connections: jack gold-plated 6. 35 mm Neutrik, and RCA or

Dimensions: 280x110x44 m

Weight: 1.5 kg

Front panel: black or silver aluminium



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Customer reviews
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Customer reviews


MC 79

La finition de cet ampli casque est magnifique et les performances sont remarquables.
La conduction des signaux audio est parfaite.
Le son est très clair très fin l'image sonore est large et très précise.

Il n'y a aucune distorsion ni coloration
Les prestations audiophiles et les performances musicales sont au rendez vous.
Ses qualités audio exceptionnelles et sa conception très soignée font
de cet ampli casque un excellent moyen d'exploiter tout le potentiel des casques audiophiles haut de gamme.
Merci à olivier et à toute l'équipe de ma platine.com Merci encore

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Lehmann Audio Linear II headphone amplifier

Lehmann Audio Linear II headphone amplifier

Headphone amplifier 

2 x 6.35mm Jack output

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