Pro-Ject Absorb It

High-end aluminium damping feet

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All components of a Hi-Fi system are sensitive to the vibrations produced by sound waves, and especially to those produced by the mount. Mounts are susceptible to vibrations from various sources, such as speakers, passing cars, buses and trains, and the power supply of the devices itself (transformers, etc.).

Frequencies vary depending on the materials used to make the shelf: glass, medium, solid wood, chipboard, etc. This results in clashes in the lower frequencies, which affect the clarity of playback in this register. But this also reverberates into the higher octaves, which can also lose transparency and neutrality.

When attached to the feet of your devices, the Pro-Ject Absorb It feet work to dampen these vibrations.

Pro-Ject Absorb It: features

The Pro-Ject Absorb It are made of aluminium and a piece of a high-tech synthetic rubber material. Their mechanical properties mean that it can absorb infrabass frequencies of 500 Hz.

Pro-Ject Absorb It

They also serve as a subsonic filter, but a passive one! This means that it presents none of the disadvantages of active filters that are built into the phono preamplifier.

Pro-Ject Absorb It: compatibility

The Absorb It feet can bear significant weight, and can therefore be used with a wide variety of products. We can attest to the fact that when used on a VPI Traveler or a Pro-Ject 6 Perspex, the results are simply amazing.

Pro-Ject Absorb It: listening and review

Not only are they highly effective when used under your vinyl turntable feet, we have also noticed an improvement in sound reproduction when used on a CD player or units with tubes, as these Pro-Ject Absorb It markedly reduce microphonics.

Highly recommended!


Sold in packs of 4.

Diameter: 75mm

Height: 25mm

Height increase: 20mm

Frequency absorption: 20-500 Hz

Max. weight per foot: 16kg

Total max. weight with 3 feet: 48kg

Total max. weight with 4 feet: 64 kg

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Pro-Ject Absorb It

Pro-Ject Absorb It

High-end aluminium damping feet

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