Clearaudio Performance DC vinyl turntable - Destocking

Manual turntable with speed control, tonearm and cartridge.


The bonus: All of our vinyl turntables are set up and tested before delivery

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The new Clearaudio Performance DC vinyl turntable features the technology and innovation developed by the company for products such as the Ovation. The plinth is crafted out of a high-density material with cavities in strategic areas filled with damping balls. This is sandwiched between two aluminium plates. This design choice gives the vinyl turntable incredible mass and density, and eliminates all vibration and resonance. The 40mm-thick platter is made from a block of resin (POM). This material gives the turntable high density, strong rigidity and a very low resonance frequency. It also has a new ceramic and bronze bearing (CMB) which works using a system of magnetic repulsion. This innovation significantly reduces friction, noise and wear and tear. The motor is very quiet and runs on direct current power. It is regulated and stabilised, with three oscillators within the circuit which control speed changes via small, elegant blue LED buttons (33⅓/45/78 RPM). Practical and efficient! The Performance DC is fitted as standard with the incredible carbon fibre ‘Clarify’ tonearm and a Clearaudio Virtuoso V2 MM cartridge. All perfectly aligned and set up!

This vinyl turntable is extremely well built, with Clearaudio’s trademark low production tolerance, and we're big fans of this product’s fine finish and emphasis on precision. It is incredibly easy to operate and doesn’t require any particular specialist knowledge.

And it sounds just as good in reality as it does on paper! It runs incredibly quietly, which gives playback remarkable transparency. The dynamic range is amazing and is spread evenly across the entire spectrum. The bass really pushes through, and the treble flies high – and fast! The tempo is very pronounced, giving playback a distinctly physical quality, without compromising on nuance and subtlety. The speed control appears to be doing its job well and the complete absence of wow is impressive. The sound stage is full and precise, as wide as it is deep. The Performance DC seems to work well with all musical genres, from reggae and blues through to pop, jazz and classical. This turntable is indisputably a triumph, with a price tag that blows its competitors out of the water! We highly recommended it.



Diapason d'Or 2014

Best buy Haute-Fidélité


Platter: 40mm thickness, anti-resonance resin

Plinth: highly compressed wood, sandwiched between two aluminium plates

Speeds: 33⅓ / 45 / 78 RPM

Motor: DC

Rumble: 92 dB

Wow: +/-0.03 dB

Bearing: Polished ceramic/Bronze

Bearing: Magnetic repulsion CMB

Tonearm: Clarify

Cartridge: Virtuoso V2

Weight: 11.5 Kg

Dimensions: 420 x 330 x 130 mm

Banc d'essai

3.49 Mo - pdf

Diapason d'or

0.42 Mo - jpeg

Banc d'essai

6.06 Mo - pdf

Banc d'essai - Vumetre

1.66 Mo - pdf



Diapason d'or


Haute Fidélité

Customer reviews
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Customer reviews



Une platine époustouflante de neutralité, qui n'a d'égale que sa simplicité de mise en oeuvre. Le réglage du sublime bras Satisfy est d'une facilité déconcertante et l'apport du DC (courant direct) est un vrai plus. Dès le déballage, on sent la haute-technologie propre à la célèbre marque allemande. J'adore le plateau de 40mm qui paraît flotter au-dessus du châssis (ce qui d'ailleurs est le cas !) La cellule HanaML est une excellente association, ainsi que le préampli AuroraSound Vida Prima : finesse de restitution, autorité sur les graves et ouverture "en grand" de la scène sonore ne cessent de me surprendre. est devenu une référence dans mon projet hifi : de précieux conseils prodigués par une équipe de passionnés toujours à l'écoute, respect des délais de livraison, qualité des emballages... Une entreprise à recommander sans modération. Bravo et longue vie à !



Bravo et merci a ma platine a monsieur Franck et a toute l'équipe
j'ai bien reçu ma platine bien emballée et une merveille ainsi que la musique



J'ai reçu ma platine parfaitement réglée et emballée, j'ai pu faire une mise en route pratiquement immédiate moi qui ne suis pas bricoleur.
C'est une platine magnifique de haut de gamme avec en particulier un bras carbone à pivot magnétique.On obtient une musicalité accompagnée d'une image stéréo extraordinaire.
C'est un produit que je recommande qui a un excellent rapport qualité prix.
Alors bon vent à ma platine .com


Merci !

Merci Maplatine !!!

Superbe platine ! Reçu parfaitement réglée, emballée "Plug & Play " par les techniciens ! TOP ! Aussi belle à regarder qu'à écouter ! Que du bonheur ... Merci pour tout et longue vie à !!! :-)

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Clearaudio Performance DC vinyl turntable - Destocking

Clearaudio Performance DC vinyl turntable - Destocking

Manual turntable with speed control, tonearm and cartridge.


The bonus: All of our vinyl turntables are set up and tested before delivery

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