Benz Micro WOOD SH cartridge

High output moving coil (MC) cartridge

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The Benz Micro Wood cartridges are different from the other products with their wooden body.

The product is crafted, assembled and tested meticulously in Benz Micro's new workshop in Switzerland, under the expert eyes and ears of its owner, Albert Lukaschek.

Benz Micro WOOD SH: Output voltage

This model is available with three output levels.

This “SH” variant has a 2.6 mV, high output level.

It has been designed to work with MM preamplifiers with a higher gain than 45 dB.

Benz Micro WOOD SH: Needle

This latest variant of the Benz Micro Wood S cartridge is adorned with a beautiful Micro Ridge stylus profile fitted to a boron cantilever.

The generators have been enhanced with brand new helical coils. They use very pure, “Pure Iron Cross” copper conductors. On the Wood SH variant, extra coil has been added to boost the output level.

A special o-ring seal, ideally designed to provide mechanical linearity holds the assembly together and serves as a damper.

Its precise elongation enables it to reproduce the subtleties while suppressing most of the colouration.

The compliance of this Benz Micro Wood SH cartridge (15), combined with its weight (9 g) make it suitable for tonearms with average weight between 9 and 18 g.

Benz Micro WOOD SH: Listening and test review

The Benz Micro Wood S is fairly simple to use. Its square looks make it easy to align.

We achieved an excellent tonal balance with a tracking force of 1.8 g and an anti-skating of around 1.5. VTA has to be carefully adjusted, but it remains simple to do so. We recommend a higher load than 100 Ohms; we used 1 KOhms on our system and it was perfect.

You can plainly hear the potential and sonic texture of this Benz Micro Wood SH Hi-Fi cartridge from the very first seconds.

It boasts a full and very analogue timbre. It expertly combines warmth and definition, something you don’t hear very often!

Tracking is amazing. The sound stage is not the most expressive there is, but it has the merit of being truly authentic and most of all, very precise.

As with all Benz Micro cartridges, sound quality is refined, subtle and very nuanced. Music lovers and audiophiles everywhere will know what the fuss is about. This Benz Micro Wood SH MC cartridge is what you need!

A spectacular value and music for money!

Just can't recommend it enough!


Type: High output MC

Output: 2.6mV

Cantilever: Solid boron, 0.28 mm

Stylus type: Micro Ridge, 6x40 Um

VTA: 22 degrees

Coils: Pure Iron Cross

Compliance: 15cU

Internal impedance: 12ohms

Frequency response: 20-20 kHz

Channel balance: > 0.5db

Channel separation: > 35db à 1kHz

Tracking force: 1.6-2 grams

Weight: 9 grams

Recommended load: > at 100 ohms

Break-in: 40 hours

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Benz Micro WOOD SH cartridge

Benz Micro WOOD SH cartridge

High output moving coil (MC) cartridge

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