Technics SU-G700 integrated amplifier

2 x 70W at 8ohms

USB DAC, optical and coaxial

MM phono input

Headphone output

Made in Japan

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The Technics SU-G700 integrated amplifier is replaced by the Technics SU-G700M2 integrated amplifier.


The Technics SU-G700 integrated amplifier is offered in a dual plinth made of high-rigidity metal. It is composed of an internal and an external steel chassis that reduces vibrations and noise, so as not to degrade the sound.

The internal chassis is made of a 1.2 mm thick plate and the lower surface of the casing is made of a 2 mm thick steel plate. This design improves vibrations damping performance while reducing the centre of gravity. This chassis supports heavy components and parts, while lowering the center of gravity and making the amplifier very stable.

This integrated amplifier is equipped with a superb front panel composed of a 7mm aluminium plate that protects from electromagnetic noises. A large translucent window shows two nice Vu-metres. In its center, there is a large volume potentiometer.


The Technics SU-G700 features a power of 2 x 70W at 8 ohms per channel. However, its particularity is that it analyzes the impedance behavior of the speakers and then individually optimizes its own frequency, amplitude and phase behavior in order to drive the Hi-Fi speakers with the highest efficiency.

The phono input is very well designed.

In order to limit noise, it has been designed on a differential parallel connection configuration with a low noise FET first stage. The gain is ensured with 4 steps, which allows having the best gain depending on the output of the phono cartridge.

The Technics SU-G700 offers a Class AA headphone amplifier with separate circuits for voltage and current amplification of the audio signal. The power is amplified thanks an excellent operational amplifier. The current is processed thanks to an operational amplifier with high-current supply functions.

The PWM signal output is converted in high-precision analogical signal, that gives an optimal power supply to headphones. It allows music to be reproduced with low distortion and a wide frequency range, regardless of the headphone load impedance.


The restitution is very neutral and realistic. The amplifier seems to be very at ease with the speakers, which could make us think that it is much more powerful than it seems. It makes them move without effort and offers a surprising dynamic!

The sound scene and the opening are outstanding for a product of this price range. We also notice a quality of timbre that could make think there are a few tubes in the preamp section. This does not give coloration but a disconcerting presence and harmonic richness.

The SU-G700 by Technics offers a very communicative musicality and we can listen to it for a long time without any frustration or discomfort.

This Technics SU-G700 integrated amplifier is a real success from the great Japanese manufacturer, who should make more excursions in the audiophile world!



Diapason d'Or - 2020


Power: 70 W + 70 W 8 Ω / 140 W + 140 W 4 Ω

Load impedance: 4 - 16 Ω

LINE input sensitivity: 200 mV

Phono input sensitivity (MM): 2.5 mV @ 47 kΩ

Frequency response: 5 Hz - 80 kHz (-3 dB, 8 Ω)

RIAA Correction: ± 1 dB precision

Analogical inputs: 2

Phono input: 1 x MM

Coaxial and digital inputs: 2

Optical digital inputs: 2

USB digital input: 1


Analogical outputs: 1 x PRE OUT, 1 x LINE OUT

Headphone output: yes

DAC resolution: 32, 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192, 352.8, 384 kHz on 16, 24, 32 bits

Accessories: remote control, power cable

Dimensions: 430 x 148 x 428 mm

Weight: 12.3 kg

Banc d'essai - Diapason d'Or

0.1 Mo - pdf



Diapason d'or

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Technics SU-G700 integrated amplifier

Technics SU-G700 integrated amplifier

2 x 70W at 8ohms

USB DAC, optical and coaxial

MM phono input

Headphone output

Made in Japan

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