Pro-Ject 2-Xperience SB S-Shape turntable

Manual turntable

33 rpm and 45 rpm speeds with electronic change

S 9” Tonearm

Removable headshell

Without cartridge

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The Pro-Ject 2-Xperience SB S-Shape turntable is based, as its name says, on the bestseller of the Austrian manufacturer Pro-Ject. It takes all the mechanical elements that composed the 2-Xperience SB DC.


On this 2-Xperience SB S-Shape, there is the medium base covered with a black lacquer. This one is based on 3 cone shaped stands, associating an aluminium and sorbothane sandwich.

The platter is made from a 2 kg MDF block covered with satin paint. The surface in contact with the vinyl record is covered with 4 mm of compressed vinyl. It is precisely adjusted so that it turns perfectly "round".

The upper spindle is threaded in order to receive the aluminium Record Clamp (included). It presses the vinyl record on the platter, giving it a "flatter" surface and giving great inertia to the whole.


The motor of this 2-Xperience SB S-Shape is a low noise model that creates very few vibrations during rotation. To limit vibrations to the plinth, this one is suspended to a silicone ring. It is supplied via an external transformer of 15V DC.

It is associated to an electrical circuit that creates stable alternating current (50 hz) that is completely insensitive to main fluctuations.

In addition to this, there is a drive system. Its two oscillators allow an electronic speed change via a logic button.

Two LEDs indicate the 33 rpm and 45 rpm selection.


The centerpiece of this vinyl record player is of course the 9” "S" tonearm. It is made with an aluminium tube, to those of the Signature range of Pro-Ject.

This tonearm, by its shape, mass and manufacture quality, really improves the playback.

In addition, its headshell is removable. This allows you to easy change the cartridge, from a MM cartridge to a MC cartridge or a mono cartridge.


From the very first notes, we recognize the qualities of the 2-Xperience SB DC, but with several marked differences in favour of this S-Shape version.

These tests were done with a low output MC cartridge, namely an Ortofon Quintet Black S MC cartridge.

This record player seems to be less wise. The restitution is more dynamic and much more physical.

The bandwidth also seems much more extended into the bass. All these with excellent nuance and articulation.

Neutrality and transparency have not been forgotten and remain at the level of what we can find in this range among the most performing competing turntables.

The definition and transient quality also seem to be superior to the standard model of the 2-Xperience.

The sound scene remains very coherent and places the instruments and musicians properly in the space.

The Pro-Ject 2-Xperience SB S-Shape turntable is the ultimate version of an excellent vinyl turntable. It perfectly combines design, ergonomics and musicality!

Highly recommended!


Speeds: 33, 45 rpm (electronic speed change)

Driving: belt Platter: 300 mm

MDF Bearing: stainless steel

Speed variation: +/- 1.5 %

Wow & Flutter: +/- 0.09 %

Signal-to-noise ratio: 70 dB

Tonearm: Aluminium 9” S-Shape

Effective tonearm length: 230 mm

Effective mass: 8.5 g

Tracking force: 10 - 30 mN

Power supply: 15 v CC / 800 mA

Cover: yes

Consumption: 4 watts max / <0.5 watt standby

Dimensions: 460 x 145 x 360 mm (closed cover)

Weight: 8.5 kg (net)

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Pro-Ject 2-Xperience SB S-Shape turntable

Pro-Ject 2-Xperience SB S-Shape turntable

Manual turntable

33 rpm and 45 rpm speeds with electronic change

S 9” Tonearm

Removable headshell

Without cartridge

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